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Basketball – 2022 Women’s World Cup

Tournament mode

It will take place from September 22 to October 1 and will feature 12 nations, divided into two groups of six teams each.

The group stage will determine the teams that will participate in the quarter-finals. These will be determined by drawing lots during the competition. The composition of the podium will not be known until the end of the last day of the tournament.

The team that wins the FIBA ​​Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 will qualify directly for the Paris Olympics. All participating countries will also be able to earn valuable points for the FIBA ​​World Ranking Women.


This will be the 19th edition of FIBA’s major women’s competition, the first having taken place in 1953.

Only four nations have climbed to the top step of the podium: the USA (10 times), the USSR (5 times consecutively from 1959 to 1975), Brazil (1 time, in 1994) and Australia (1 time, in 2006).

The groups

A: Belgium, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Korea, USA

B: France, Serbia, Japan, Mali, Canada, Australia

LIVE follow-up HERE

Thursday September 22

Bosnia vs. Porto Rico : 58-82

USA v Belgium: 87-72

Canada vs Serbia: 67-60

Japan v Mali: 89-56

Korea vs. China : 44-107

Australia vs. France : 57-70, match stats HERE

The Tricolores, with a reorganized team compared to the Olympics, which must compose without Marine Johannes, their best offensive asset, injured at the last minute, achieved a great feat by dominating the vice world champions.

Without pressure, aggressive and effective in defense, solid offensively, the French impose themselves with style in front of a dumbfounded Australian public.

The reaction of Jean Aimé Toupane on the team’s website (coach):

“We know that to stay in these matches, you need a good defensive base. We defended hard, we stayed on our principles, the girls were courageous despite the qualities of the Australian team, which plays without a ball, in space.

Even in the weak times for us, we stayed in it, we didn’t panic, we got the ball moving, with a little bit of success.

A competition is the sequence, you win, you don’t have time to savor that you go to the next match. We will savor at the end. I would like to congratulate the players, they put a lot of heart. »

Friday September 23

Puerto Rico vs. US: 42-106

Serbia vs Japan: 69-64

Belgium vs. Korea: 84-61

China vs Bosnia: 98-51

Mali vs. Australia: 58-118

France vs. Canada: 45-59, match stats HERE

Uninspired, dominated from the first minutes by a more complete team, physically solid, the Blue did not manage to confirm the great success obtained against Australia.

Jean-Aimé Toupane, coach of the France team:

“We lacked movement in attack, the ball traveled less. We rushed a bit. When you rush and you fail, confidence goes down and it’s a gear.

We were also impacted by the rebound, an area where you have to be really vigilant for the rest of the competition. Despite everything, they fought, they wet the shirt.

Tomorrow we will try to see what went wrong. You have to try to play at two speeds: on the counter-attack and on the half-court.

Against good teams you can’t find solutions in one pass. They have to be made to work. We will have to learn from this match for the rest. »

Saturday September 24

USA v China: 77-63

Bosnia vs. Korea : 66-99

Puerto Rico vs Belgium: 65-68

Sunday September 25

France vs Mali: 74-59, match stats HERE

The reaction of Jean Aimé Toupane:

“It was a difficult match, the victory was the most important thing. We have to progress on the rebound, it was not good. I expected more, more hardness. We didn’t. We have to improve. It will be essential for the next two games against Japan on Monday and Serbia on Tuesday.

We have to find solutions to share the ball well after a good defense. We sometimes rushed in attack. Gabby Williams is our main leader, we try to put her in a good situation. She has been playing very well since the start of the tournament.”

Australia vs Serbia: 69-54

Japan vs. Canada: 56-70

Monday, September 26

Belgium vs Bosnia: 85-55

Serbia vs. Mali: 81-68

Korea vs. US: 69-145

France vs Japan: 67-53, match stats HERE

Thanks to this victory, Les Bleues qualify for the 1/4 finals


China vs Puerto Rico

Canada vs. Australia



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