Burkinabè actors called upon to make contacts during FESPACO

On the sidelines of the 27e edition of FESPACO, the “celebrities days” are held for the 3e time. This event celebrates film actors alongside screenings and other Fespaco activities. The initiators of the event announced the colors this Thursday, October 7, 2021, in Ouagadougou.

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“Celebrities day” is the event that highlights the actors of the films invited to Fespaco, but also the nationals and those invited for the occasion. It is designed for Fespaco, because according to Georgette Paré, one of the organizers, “nWe also go to festivals… there is also this aspect that mobilizes and brings communities to life. We thought that also creating the event during the Fespaco with celebrities would bring more life to the city of Ouaga and give more visibility to the Fespaco. it will allow this film industry that we all call for to gradually settle down”.

Content for the 2021 edition

For this edition, there will not only be actors from the cinema but celebrities from the world of sport, comedy theatre, music, fashion and dance from Burkina and the sub-region. As guests of honor, actor Serge Henri, Iron Biby and stylist Pathé O. Special guests such as Omar Sy, Sidiki Bakaba, El Hadj Diouf and Jacky Ido and more than thirty other announced guest stars.

The celebrity party will take place on October 17 at the central town hall. A celebrity pavilion is set up for meetings and interviews with the stars. Professional meetings are also organized in this space, in particular a master class on production, on the television series market and on acting, with an opening on the management of an acting career.

For the latter, Issaka Sawadogo, one of the organizers, calls for the mobilization of Burkinabe actors to discuss how to manage their careers. “The exchanges will focus on the actor and his agent or how the actor organizes himself administratively and professionally.

It is very important if we want to enter into a change, if we want to project ourselves internationally, and I know that all Burkinabè actors have the ability to project themselves internationally. It is simply a lack of organization often. We will try to enlighten them as much as possible”.

For him, the Fespaco and the celebrities days are opportunities for Burkinabè actors to make contacts. However, he deplores the attitude of these colleagues. ” When there is a festival, I have the impression that the actors become chameleons, they rub shoulders with the walls, they don’t want to put themselves in the light, whereas this lantern has been lit for them “.

So his advice to take advantage of these events: “The actor must be cheeky, you mustn’t wait, the Fespaco is a great opportunity, it’s a market where everyone goes there and everyone comes to look for an interest. If you want to buy the whole market, you will end up having nothing, but if you target the market well, you make a program for the week and you set objectives… and you tell yourself that I absolutely have to approach this person.

The celebrities days pavilion is there for that, to organize meetings… and when you go there, have the kindness to have a business card, that’s the least you can do, as an actor, you have a CD, or a USB key or photos, or a diary, the exchange begins from this moment, an opportunity to make contacts, friends and openings, to make yourself known. Help us to sensitize the actors to leave this false shyness, to say, ah, we are small actors, one cannot approach them. No there are no small actors, there are small minds, you have to have big minds, minds that dream, young people who dare “.

To do this, willing actors can count on their help to make contacts with actors, producers or directors.

Who is considered a celebrity at this party ? Georgette Paré replies: Celebrity, we talk about famous actors, it’s true that there are popular actors, but for me, famous actors are those who have gone beyond our borders, we can be popular locally. In our context, we have more popular actors than famous ones. But in the context of celebrities days, it’s the famous and popular actors.



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