Dit gebeurde er vannacht: geen extra Europese sancties tegen Rusland | Oorlog Oekraine

videoDe Europese Unie legt Rusland voorlopig geen nieuwe sancties op. Op hun top in Brussel hebben de staatshoofden en regeringsleiders de Europese Commissie gisteravond laat wel de opdracht gegeven te controleren of de huidige sanctiepakketten niet worden omzeild. Sanne Schelfaut 25 mts. 2022 Latest update: 25-03-22, 19:45 De top stond in het teken van de … Read more

84 procent van ingevoerde zonnebloemolie in 2021 kwam uit Oekraïne

In total werd in 2021 voor ruim 2 billion euro aan goederen ingevoerd uit Oekraïne. Daarvan was maar liefst 1.8 billion euro (88 percent) for landbouwproducten. Ruwe zonnebloemolie en corn zijn voor Nederland de belangrijkste producten uit Oekraïne. De invoerwaarde van deze twee producten was in 2021 ongeveer even groot en bij elkaar opgeteld 52.5 … Read more

Oekraïne krijgt oorlogsmaterieel gift, ook van de Russen

Oekraïne krijgt van alle kanten wapens gift. Al voor de Russische invasie stuurden heel wat westerse landen munitie, antitankwapens en raketsystemen naar het Oost-Europese land, maar voertuigen en vliegtuigen werd nog tegengehouden. Tot nu: Tsjechië en Australië doen rollend materiaal gift, en ook de VS werkt aan de levering van extra wapens. Ook de hulp … Read more

Is it true that the “Russian allies” of Jean-Luc Mélenchon oppose the war in Ukraine? – Liberation

War between Ukraine and Russiacase The rebellious candidate has claimed in recent years his closeness to Sergei Oudaltsov, co-founder of the Russian Left Front, imprisoned for having organized anti-Putin demonstrations. Since he supported the war in Ukraine, LFI has severed political ties. Hello, Faced with criticism denouncing past acquaintances of Jean-Luc Mélenchon with the foreign … Read more

“There will be Boutcha everywhere”

Published on : 04/05/2022 – 20:13 For nearly twenty years, the French priest Patrick Desbois has identified the sites that were used for the extermination of Jews in Eastern Europe during the Second World War. After doing similar work with Yazidis victims of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, he decided to collect … Read more

can satire lead to a start?

Like many, I watched the film with my family Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, airs December 24, 2021 on Netflix. I quickly heard my daughters, students, say: “Hey, mom, it’s the same as climate change!” » Director Adam McKay mixes “the absurd, the comic, with a very real pain”, … Read more

A “discreet supper”: the French press recounts the “secret” meeting of two left-wing candidates

Just under ten weeks before the first round of the presidential election, the teams of Christiane Taubira and environmentalist Yannick Jadot secretly discussed a potential alliance on Sunday evening. This leaked on Tuesday in the French media. AFP. AFP. By Manon Laurent (st.) Published on 02/9/2022 at 13:13 Reading time: 3 mins DSunday evening (February … Read more

Patrick Karam facing Michel Taube: “The candidate of French civilization is Valérie Pécresse”

Eastern Christians, Overseas, Le Pen vote: Patrick Karam, Ile-de-France regional councilor and supporter of Valérie Pécresse, responds to Michel Taube. Maintenance. Publication Director Penalization of minds, assimilation, RIC, what will happen on April 25 if Le Pen is elected President of the Republic: Julien Odoul facing Michel Taube Throughout the week, the representatives of the … Read more

Gift Campaign: the European specialist in promotional items and corporate gifts

Gift Campaign offers companies a wide variety of advertising items, through an interactive and easy-to-use platform that allows you to personalize your corporate gifts in just a few clicks. The group markets, among other things, a wide range of ecological goodies as well as a vast choice of promotional clothing. Founded in Barcelona in 2014 … Read more