Dams: USA Limoges at Mauléon to get on the right track

They are 160 minutes (and dust) from their quest. A double confrontation – in return matches – to get what has been their objective since the start of the season, that is to say the rise in National 2.

By finishing 5th and therefore among the “eligible”, the USAL players have made the first part of the journey. They now have to conclude by punching their ticket during this final phase in two acts.

It will be against Mauléon, 8th in Group 4, and this double meeting has all the particular flavor of the final stages. And in particular the fact that the Limougeauds are going to do battle with a Basque team that smells of rugby with full nose, where the world of ovality is a religion on its land and which will be carried by an entire city.

Just to get in the mood, it is precisely at the foot of the Pyrenees that the first round is scheduled, this Sunday afternoon (3:30 p.m.), and you will have to know how to respond. “The final phases are played with desire, determination and also discipline, points out co-trainer Sébastien Danovaro. Mauléon is a formation that does not ask questions, which sends 150%, which is generous, enthusiastic and complete. We will be expected, we have been warned. We must not fall into the trap of making the match before playing it. We will have to respect our game plan, our strategy, and ignore everything else. These matches are played on details and they are the ones that will put one team ahead of the other”.

USAL has shown that it knows how to travel

With an average age of 23.5 years, USAL remains a young team and does not have a ton of experience in its ranks. But to achieve her goals, she will have to know how to respond “with patience, intelligence and pragmatism”, according to Sébastien Danovaro. “If we are patient, we will be able to be effective”.

To his credit, Limoges can also tell himself that he knows how to travel. Out of eleven trips this year, he has indeed taken points nine times (including six victories), only the meetings in Périgueux and Niort having ended in zero points. A not insignificant fact when approaching, therefore, this match to go to Basque soil and to make sure to put yourself in the best conditions for the return. “We are going there with great determination and the desire to do well, says the back lines coach. Without calculating and thinking about the return, but with the idea of ​​bringing back as many things as possible”. The moment of truth has arrived for USAL.

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