Djaam Fresh Food, a fast casual passport to Africa, “Boké bowl” style

Opened in quick succession at the end of October and the beginning of November in Paris, rue Réaumur and rue Miollis, after a test in the 10th arrondissement, the first two restaurants under the Djaam brand launched by the founders of the Afrik’N’Fusion chain, Sidiba Doucouré, Audray Tuzolana and Kader Jawneh, revisit the “poké”. At home, we talk more about boké based on healthy products but above all about travel with the colors and flavors of Africa. Very fast good…

Fonio, attiéké, yam, sweet potato, plantain, okra…, the flavors of Africa can now be found in a bowl. Sorry, in a bokeh! A neologism derived from the word bok which in Wolof, the language spoken in Senegal, means “Share”. A whole symbol in the same way as Djam, the pronunciation of “Jam” for “Peace”. Strong and meaningful words for the 3 founders of this concept who knew how to draw forcefully from a rich sub-Saharan culinary heritage. “still too little known in France, which suffers from prejudices but which conceals a great wealth of flavors and ingredients, says Kader Jawneh, who along with his associates wish to be among those writing another exotic restoration. A field where there is still a lot to do but which is gradually taking on light, illuminated by a few figures in African catering, starred chef Mori Sako in the lead. Based on an experience of nearly 11 years, the 3 founders of Afrik’N’Fusion, a network which today has 6 establishments, have therefore decided to take African cuisine out of a community framework to address it to as many people as possible, focusing on the quality and variety of ingredients and recipes to be tasted bokeh cold and hot.

Audray Tuzolana, Kader Jawneh and Sidiba Doucouré

An inspiring culinary heritage

This new urban concept, which they imagined to duplicate as a franchise, Sidiba, Audray and Kader have positioned it in a booming fast casual segment that is more than ever permeable to all catering themes. What’s more post-covid where people like to travel also on their plate. Exit the image of Epinal with spicy or simmered dishes. At Djaam, you compose your bowl, like a salad’bar, from an open palette of products. The first step is to choose your white rice base, red rice (with tomato sauce) or Fonio and attiéké. ” Products that have real nutritional benefits “, indicates Kader who details the qualities of these gluten-free and very digestible cereals, in particular this cassava semolina. Then, in a 3-ingredient formula at €10.90 (in small or large at €12.90), you add your elements from around twenty products in addition to the protein (chicken, salmon, white fish, beef, mix of seeds): from yam, cassava, African eggplant, okra, sweet potato, steamed plantain banana… Then choose a topping (dates, cashew nuts, grapes, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds), a mafé sauce (based on peanuts), yassa (onion, mustard, etc.), thieb (tomato sauce) or even saka saka (based on cassava leaves). There are also signature recipes either cold, such as chicken fonio marinated in herbs, tomato tartare, lamb’s lettuce, sliced ​​onions, pineapple and guacamole, attiéké couscous with fish with its attiéké tabbouleh, crumbled pollack black, red cabbage, red pepper, plantain, black sesame and cream of ginger…, or hot like Bamako with its white rice, okra, pieces of cassava, African eggplants, mixture of seeds and mafé sauce. An offer that is complemented by donuts, empanada style with beef or tuna, served by two. And for those with a sweet tooth, there are also some traditional West African cuisine such as yassa, mafé or thieb, this rice and fish stew with vegetables.


Focus on the franchise

By installing the first two units, already franchised, Djaam fresh food has already signed a dozen projects including Orléans, Chartres, Saint Maur, Montpellier and Levallois which should open in 2022. A great start for a concept which aims for 50 points of sale in 4 years and which will offer its partners all its expertise but also a training course within its brand new CFER training center in the form of an incubator for entrepreneurs from all walks of life. If, today, Djaam is available on platforms, such as click & collect, the 3 partners have also launched a whole collection of African grocery products which will be available in stores but for the moment on the Uber Eats platform. In the pipeline, too, a new Afro Soul Food concept “ Wings Flow based on fried chicken which should open in the coming weeks.

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