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We are coming to the home stretch of the Euroleague basketball regular season, with the last 5 matches to be played (or 6 depending on the calendar) in order to know the 8 teams that will participate in the play-offs next April. But with the context due to the exclusion of Russian teams from the competition (CSKA Moscow, Zénit Saint-Petersburg and Unics Kazan), the classification is completely turned upside down and it is difficult to see clearly.

Euroleague Basketball: which classification to take into account?

This is the question that the supporters but also and above all the teams are asking themselves. The Euroleague has for the moment kept the calendar taking into account the results obtained against the Russian teams, allowing itself to freeze only the clubs coming from Russia in the classification. But on the same site of the Euroleague, an alternative classification not taking into account the teams in the results is also available. As you can see, some teams are doing better than others taking away the results obtained against CSKA, Zenit and Kazan. Like Bayern Munich, which goes from 12th up to 6thof Maccabi Tel Aviv going from the 13th up to 7th or the reigning European champion, Anadolou Efes Istanbul, gaining 3 places from the 8th at the 5th. On the contrary, one team in particular loses all the attribute of its victories against the Russian teams, AS Monaco which would go from 5th up to 9th, that is to say out of the play-offs. And for the Monegasques, it’s a major change, since having won the right to participate in the Euroleague Basketball this season thanks to its success acquired last season in the Eurocup, the condition for participating again in the next edition of the most prestigious European competition is simple, a qualification in play-off. Therefore, going from a potential duel against Olympiakos in the quarter-finals of the play-offs to a premature end to the season, there is a gap. This mystery should be solved in the coming days, but for the moment, it is best to take into account the ranking with the Russian teams, which remains the one favored by the authorities.

Play-off Euroleague Basketball, who to join Barcelona, ​​Real, Milan and Olympiakos?

If the fight promises to be intense until the last day, 2 teams have already qualified for the play-offs, namely FC Barcelona, ​​leader, and its runner-up Real Madrid. And 2 other teams, namely Armani Exchange Milan and Olympiakos Le Pyrée are in very good shape and could officially qualify on the next day. So 4 tickets remain to be distributed among the 6 teams still in the race: AS Monaco, Anadolou Efes Istanbul, Red Star Belgrade, Fenerbahce Istanbul, Bayern Munich and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

AS Monaco (15 wins and 14 losses)

It is currently the best placed team (in the ranking including the Russian teams). With 3 wins ahead of the first team not qualified for the play-offs, the Roca Team has the advantage of receiving 3 times in its last 4 meetings, including against 2 teams already out of the race, Baskonia and Alba . An opportunity that should not miss the players of AS Monaco and thus win their ticket for the play-offs but above all a ticket for the next edition.

Still to play (hosts Olympiacos, Baskonia Vitoria and Alba Berlin – goes to Milan)

Anadolou Efes Istanbul (14 wins and 14 losses)

The reigning European champion has raised the bar after a disastrous start to the season. Back in the race for the play-offs, Anadolou will have the chance to receive 4 times, but will also face direct opponents like Bayern and Red Star. Decisive meetings for the qualification that the Stambouliotes will not have the right to miss. But Shane Larkin, as a leader, will show the way to defend their title.

Still to play (goes to Kaunas and Red Star Belgrade – receives Real Madrid, Milan, Bayern Munich and Alba Berlin)

Red Star Belgrade (13 wins and 15 losses)

With 4 wins in a row, the Red Star of Belgrade is back in the race for the play-offs, which we thought were out of the race. But this club has a different soul, and its players, pushed by the public of Pionir, transcend themselves at home. The problem is that there is only one game left at home, and 4 trips including 2 complicated ones to Barcelona and Bayern. You will probably have to win 2 games to be able to invite yourself in the post-season, like in 2016.

Still to play (goes to Barcelona, ​​Alba Berlin, Bayern Munich and Kaunas – receives Anadolou)

Fenerbahce Istanbul (12 wins and 13 losses)

Like its neighbor Anadolou, Fenerbahce Istanbul had started its European campaign badly, with new players to integrate and a new coach in charge, Sasha Djordjevic. A difficult start, but also injuries that wreaked havoc on the consistency of the team (Nando De Colo and Jan Vesely had to miss several weeks of competition). His schedule is affordable but inconstancy could play a nasty trick.

Still to play (goes to Baskonia, Barcelona and Maccabi Tel Aviv – hosts Alba Berlin and Panathinaikos Athens)

Bayern Munich (12 wins and 13 losses)

Surprise team last season with a 5th place in the regular season, Bayern Munich had all the trouble to start their season with 4 losses to start. But the Bavarians were able to take matches against supposedly weaker teams to get back into the race. But the problem is the 3 trips to come which could complicate the task of the Germans in qualifying, at Anadolou and Real Madrid. The last confrontation against the Red Star could be just as decisive.

Still to play (goes to Panathinaikos Athens, Anadolou and Real Madrid – receives Red Star)

Maccabi Tel Aviv (12 wins and 14 losses)

After having ideally started the season with 7 wins in 10 games, Maccabi Tel Aviv has returned to the ranks. A bad series which was fatal to his trainer, Ioannis Sfairopoulos, sacked several weeks ago. A lack of serenity within the Israeli institution, which has lasted for several years already. Compared to their direct opponents, Maccabi is not on a good dynamic. However, the Club Nation will receive 4 times in the last 6 meetings, to have its destiny in its hands.

Still to play (goes to Panathinaikos Athens and Barcelona – receives Milan, Real Madrid, Asvel and Fenerbahce Istanbul)

The possible qualification of Monaco scrutinized by the teams of the Eurocup

This is one of the subjects of AS Monaco’s dissatisfaction. As explained previously, qualified for the Euroleague Basketball by winning the Eurocup in 2021 (along with the Russian club Unics Kazan), the condition for being able to participate again in the next edition is to finish in the top 8. With Unics Kazan which was like all the Russian clubs excluded from the competition, we already know that a ticket from the Eurocup (for the moment the winner) will be awarded for the next edition of the Euroleague. But if Monaco does not qualify for the play-offs, then 2 tickets (the 2 finalists) will be offered. Teams like Partizan Belgrade, Virtus Bologna or Valencia, which have ambitions to return to the Euroleague, are very attentive to the future decision of the authorities concerning the classification, as well as the results of AS Monaco.

The fight for qualification to participate in the Euroleague Basketball play-offs promises to be intense. With 6 teams for 4 tickets, and direct confrontations to come, suspense and twists will be there!

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