“Fast fashion”, ephemeral fashion with lasting consequences

A nice eight-euro t-shirt, does that make you want to? You should think twice about it. In these conditions, the inexpensive new clothes offered by many ready-to-wear brands hide less than glorious undersides: incredible water consumption, poor quality cotton, exploitation of poor populations, fibers that consume pesticides…

Every year we throw away nine kilograms of clothes per person, most of which are made from oil. It is a disaster for the planet, fueled by widespread “buying fever”. In Europe, four million tons of clothes are thrown away every year.

Faced with these facts, what are the solutions? It’s not always easy to change your habits, and sometimes the solutions you turn to are not necessarily the best. This is the case with the sale of second-hand clothes online, which has its ugly flaws.

To better understand this subject and the workings of “fast fashion”, Sidonie Bonnec receives Catherine Dauriac, climate activist and associate editor of the clothing magazine Hummade. She publishes Fashion, fake or not Editions Tena.

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