Food Hotel Tech 2022: tech yes, but never without people!

The health crisis is not yet behind us and already hoteliers-restaurateurs have to deal with new challenges. Bring customers back, of course, but above all adapt to their new uses: increase in last-minute bookings, environmental protection requirements, local consumption, contactless payment… To continue to offer the best service and the best customer experience, tech is no longer an option but never without the human. Food Hotel Tech gives professionals the keys to progress in an ultra-competitive and hyper-connected environment. From direct booking to e-reputation management, all aspects of digital transformation and all the tools for a successful digital transition will be present at the show.

In need of rest and leisure, the French have ants in their legs and… a cell phone in their pocket. Tech has become the keystone of the relationship between hoteliers-restaurateurs and their customers and is essential at all levels, back and front office. Technologies have become mature and uses have developed. An essential lever for growth, the strategic importance of which can no longer be ignored by CHR, tech is essential in addition to the human factor. The ambition of the show is to help hoteliers-restaurateurs to adopt these technologies even more and better in order to reap all the benefits. says Karen Serfaty, founder of the Salon.

HR: new recruitment and human resources management tools are transforming relations with staff and helping CHRs to better recruit and retain their talents.

Brigad, Extracadabra, NowJobs or StaffMe will be present at the show to connect qualified professionals and hoteliers-restaurateurs with occasional or regular staffing needs to find extras, waiters, cooks, clerks, waiters …

Other HR solutions will be represented such as Tutoreca, which breaks down each hospitality and catering trade into tutorials to train employees and help them optimize the customer experience and sales. The Mapal group will also be present and will present its Flow Learning solution specialized in training and skills development for hospitality.

Solutions to help manage schedules such as Snapshift, Skello and Netresto will also be present. Skello reinvents the work experience of teams in the field by allowing them to better anticipate, organize and communicate, thanks to collaborative and intuitive technology.

For its part, 1Check makes it possible in a simple and concrete way thanks to a mobile application to manage all the activities of the operational teams, chambermaids, housekeepers, technicians… These activities are still often managed with paper, pencil and telephone. he immediate gain in quality of service, the productivity gain of switching to 1Check for a hotel is similar to that induced when switching from paper and pencil to Word and Excel.

Improving the customer experience, the key to success !

The smartphone is a great tool that makes it possible to offer new services such as menus in all languages, the complete list of allergens or, in hotel rooms, home automation and multimedia content. From the bluetooth room key to contactless payment integrating the sharing of the bill, the mobile is becoming the keystone of the relationship between hoteliers-restaurateurs and their customers.

Bowo helps hotels and restaurants deliver an unforgettable customer experience to their guests before, during and after their stay by creating bespoke apps. For the guest, everything is just a click away: personalized welcome booklet, check-in, room directory, menu order, reservation of activities and SPA, instant messaging, personalized city guide, digital press, loyalty program, etc. . Zenchef provides restaurateurs with a complete customer experience management system before, during and after the service. With a single software, restaurateurs can manage reservations, digitization of menus, click & collect, payments by QR code, customer loyalty, solicitation of opinions, etc. Tabesto, Restranslate, Menu Chic make it possible to digitize menus for a smooth customer experience and without waiting for the server to be free to bring you the card. With Tabesto’s fully customizable terminals and touch menus, service is of better quality, simplified and accelerated. The implementation of this service increases the average ticket and the turnover of tables, thus supporting the development of the restaurant.

The customer experience also involves solutions that help protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of hotels and restaurants. Easilys f&b from the Mapal group notably allows 360 management of stocks and food waste.

Eliminate the waiting time to pay the bill (the moment when we are most in a hurry)

Zenchef and Sunday, the payment application from the founders of Big Mamma, allow customers to pay their bill in less than 10 seconds using a QR code. Benefits for restaurateurs ? The tables turn faster, the average basket is higher and so are the tips. …

While being visible on the platforms, mastering its digital communication… and its cybersecurity

Flynt helps boost a restaurant’s visibility on online ordering platforms such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Click&Collect, etc. through effective promotional action strategies so that it optimizes its income. Review by SoLike allows you to respond to customer reviews in 2 clicks thanks to pre-written answers. As for Amenitiz, it is a solution for creating a website with fully integrated booking software and channel manager.

Communication agencies specializing in the hotel and catering industry will also be present, such as Captur, Webcom, Api & You, Divinemenciel, Malou, etc.

Orange will notably present its offers which make it possible to secure the equipment of hoteliers and restaurateurs with its Cyber ​​Protection software.

And of course by optimizing its income and cash flow…

Libeo allows restaurant and hotel managers and their accountants to centralize their invoices, pay them and get paid in one click and without IBAN, without having to connect to their bank. The solution is synchronized with all accounting software and all banks on the market. As for Yooz, the company specializes in the dematerialization of purchases and supplier invoices and helps CHR to anticipate the generalization of the electronic invoice, planned for 2024. Agicap, for its part, allows restaurateurs to manage their cash flow with ease, and centralize and pay supplier invoices. As for Agapio, it improves the financial profitability of restaurants by understanding, predicting and organizing the sources of expenses. This notably involves the analysis of restaurant invoices and activity data. Agapio also automates the entry of supplier accounts.

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About Food Hotel Tech

Created by Karen Serfaty in 2017, Food Hotel Tech is the digital and technological innovation fair dedicated to the hotel and restaurant industry. A real unifying event for the market, Food Hotel Tech supports CHR professionals in knowing and integrating the best technological and digital innovations through a clear, coherent and high value-added customer journey. Four editions of the FHT show in Paris and three editions in Nice associated with numerous conferences and interventions in schools allow the event to promote its contents and its culture. The FHT Paris 2021 edition brought together 7,800 visitors and 250 exhibitors, including 60 startups.

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