FoodTweet #4, the subscription boom in CHR, food and CSR, the end of pink ham in 2023?

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#1 | Is the restaurant subscription the future of gastronomy?

The first initiatives of this kind are emerging in order to reconnect with customers who have been stretched since the pandemic. From the fast-food chain to the high-end restaurant, more and more of them are trying the subscription formula with the aim of diversifying their income, which has been undermined by the pandemic, and building customer loyalty. How to eliminate the risk induced by the pandemic? “What you hope is to have contact with the customer”, according to David Henkes (Taco Bell). “And when he comes for his taco, his coffee, the goal is to fill out the order. A sandwich, a pastry, another coffee for his friend…” Excluding fast food, most establishments that have launched subscriptions are mainly based on home deliveries, pandemic requires, but they do not intend to stop there.

#2 | “Twitter Articles”: real blog articles on Twitter soon?

Twitter is known for the brevity of the messages shared there, but the social network seeks to go beyond simple tweets. A new function allowing to create longer articles could soon appear. Twitter, which confirmed the existence of this function, could give more details in the coming weeks. We will be curious to see how these articles will be presented. Hopefully they won’t show up in their entirety in the timeline, which might get pretty cluttered if that’s the case!

#3 | Bars, restaurants: in Paris, thousands of requests for summer terraces and already the fear of nuisance and regulations

While Parisians are impatiently awaiting the return of fine weather so they can sit down on the terrace for a drink or share a meal, many residents are also worried about the return of noise pollution. The Town Hall, which must make the final authorizations by March, promises “regulation”.

#4 | A plural youth: the survey of 18-24 year olds from the Institut Montaigne

Cleavages that contrast youth… The 18-24 year olds are differentiated along three lines of cleavage: sex and gender : young women and young men are very different in their way of mobilizing politically, and do not recognize themselves in the same forms of protest. Inherited cultural capital : measured according to the number of books present in the home of their parents, this data has a strong impact on the political and social participation of young people. National origin and religion. 4 French youths emerge to be discovered in this study carried out among 8,000 young people in order to better understand a core target in snacking that is very difficult to understand and… contradictory…

#5 | The French and digital, 60 million connected: all the figures to know in 2022

Mobile, social networks, e-commerce… A look back at how the 60 million French Internet users use digital today… We have 60.9 million Internet users in France, or 93% of the population. We spend 5h34 a day online (a slight drop of 3 minutes compared to last year), of which 2h19 via our phones… To go further, decipher the social media trends for 2022 by reading our article published in our magazine 64…

#6 | Where is gastronomy headed in 2022? The view of 17 chefs on future trends

In town or in the countryside, in France or abroad, at the head of brigades or pocket restaurants but also at home: 17 chefs take a look at a gastronomy shaken by the pandemic. Louis Jedis is leading the investigation for Stripfood… and of course, snacking is in the spotlight!

#7 | The end of pink ham? France will reduce the use of nitrite in charcuterie

The French parliament has approved a bill to gradually reduce the use of nitrite in charcuterie and ordered a review of potential health risks by the end of June. Nitrite salts are widely used in deli meats such as ham, bacon, and sausages, extend the shelf life of processed meats, and give boiled ham its pink color. Proposed by an MP from the Modem party – part of President Emmanuel Macron’s ruling coalition – the new bill stopped short of an outright ban from 2023, but set a timetable for reducing the use of nitrites.

#8 | What is an NFT? What is it used for ? How to create one? Explanations and decryption of this new tool which could well transform retail and food

NFT. These three letters are currently driving retail crazy. The luxury sector is particularly pro-active, while the mass-market sector seeks to understand the concept and above all to identify whether it is a fashion issue or a real transformation of the market. NFT & retail: the practical guide to understanding everything by Clotilde Chenevoy, Solutions and Techno.

#9 | The CSA research institute and the innovation agency Utopia Hackers unveil a joint offer: “Utopia Research”, which puts utopia at the heart of innovation

“The Metaverse City”, strategic scenario of the virtualized city where brands are invited to imagine new services, or “food 5G”, “for new connectivity between tradition and new biotechnology alternatives”… Here is a preview -a taste for utopias developed by CSA, a benchmark institute for marketing studies, and Utopia Hackers, an innovation agency that bets on utopia to transform businesses. The two players bet on an alliance and launched “Utopia Research”, an offer based on concrete utopias, validated by consumers, to imagine a new generation of directly actionable innovative products or services.

#10 | Instagram: how to open a shop and sell your products on the social network

Now, businesses on Instagram can tell their story and build a community, while making it easier for their customers to buy their products through their Instagram store. At present, the 2nd favorite social network of Internet users therefore represents a real opportunity for e-merchants to increase their visibility, by offering them a showcase and an additional sales channel.

BONUS | How was this Valentine’s Day 2022?

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