French Federal 1 champion with USA Limoges, Frédéric Vaudeville died after being stabbed

The news, as brutal as it is terrible, tied the throats, tightened the hearts and drowned the eyes of those he loved. It’s crowded.

Frédéric Vaudeville left as he lived. In the front line but not necessarily in the light. With the taste of others. This immeasurable generosity shared by his smile, mischievous and revealing an infinite tenderness. As an invitation to bond forever with this pillar of friendship in the fray of life.

Scrums, the Basque, originally from Anglet, passed by Aviron Bayonnais, La Teste, Oyonnax and Balma, had pushed thousands before taking place on the Limougeaud right flank. It was 20 years ago.

After a start that was thwarted by a knee injury on the day of the resumption, Frédéric Vaudeville imposed himself as the beam of the Limogeaud pack. Archetype of the Basque pillar, stocky, with overpowering kidneys, he was one of the strong links in the rise of the USAL. Until knowing the ultimate consecration with the title of champion of France of Federal 1 in 2003 in the stifling heat of Vienna vis-a-vis Oyonnax. The pinnacle of a unique group that had gathered three years ago in the establishment of their comrade to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the title.

Unanimity without making headlines

Without ever making headlines but always unanimous on and off the field, Frédéric Vaudeville will still cause some havoc on the Pro D2 pitches for two years with Limoges. Before going to push his last scrums on the side of Guéret and Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat. For pleasure. For friends. For the pleasure of friends.

In the jersey of Saint-Léonard against Libourne in 2009.

These friends for whom the door was always open to the Bassin d’Arcachon where Frédéric Vaudeville had cast the moorings ten years ago. He was like that “Fred”, “a body of beef but the heart on the hand”, “the good guy who liked the joke”, “never a word higher than the other”, “the quiet strength with this calm and serene side”, “an adorable guy who knew how to enjoy the good times”.

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Those good times that now belong to memories. Frédéric Vaudeville, who joins Hervé Gaillard, another right pillar champion of France with USAL who died in 2014, will leave “a great void” in the heart of Limoges rugby which mourns its champion.

To Maïana, his daughter, to his family, Le Populaire du Center offers its most sincere condolences.

Jean-Francois Darthoux

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