How MADE REAL ESTATE managed to build a strong real estate brand

The MADE REAL ESTATE agency was born in Biarritz from a desire to modernize the profession of the real estate agent. To achieve its ambition, the team opted for a 180° turn by focusing on digital. All aspects of the real estate brand have been considered and designed to send a strong and coherent image: that of a human and innovative agency. Let’s see together the different actions behind the success of the brand.

The pillars of the brand

We saw it in the article that helped you define your brand image: to have a real impact, a brand must be based on distinctive and coherent foundations. MADE REAL ESTATE has understood this.

Its mission: to support its clients in the realization of their life project by modernizing the profession of real estate agent. Their positioning revolves around the human and innovative aspect of the agency, which focuses on the person before the good.

MADE aspires to put digital communication at the service of real estate development and to be a leading player in the digital transformation of real estate agencies. It mainly targets 35 to 45 year olds, active CSP+ and CSP++. The values ​​that guide the agency are respect, entrepreneurship, teamwork and fun.

How does the agency deliver on these brand pillars? By a close-knit team and a long-term close relationship, both with its customers and partners and with local merchants.

An evocative name and logo

Made Real Estate Logo

The name of the agency already says a lot about the attitude of its team. MADE is the acronym for “Making A Difference Everyday” and recalls the human and innovative approach of the agency.

Made Real Estate Logo Thumbnail

MADE entrusted the creation of its logo to a design firm. The simple yet stylish lines evoke modernity, innovation and honesty. The logo is used in both full and abbreviated form (on the agency’s Instagram profile, for example).

A dominant color and coherent typographic choices

The agency chose royal blue as the main color. As we have seen before, this color inspires truth, trust, loyalty and security, which fits perfectly with the feeling that a real estate brand wishes to evoke.

The typographic combination is both simple and dynamic, which reflects the agency’s personality and positioning. Whether in the logo, on the website or on social media, simple sans serif fonts are punctuated with more complex and stylish fonts to give messages impact.

Example Property Sheet Made Real Estate
Example of layout of fonts used for property sheets

A service offer 100% consistent with the brand value offer

As we have seen, MADE is positioned as a human and innovative real estate brand. To project a coherent image, the services offered by the agency must correspond to this positioning.

This is why the agency relies mainly on the digital strategy as a real estate promotion lever (web, social networks, videos and professional photos, blog, newsletter, open house, etc.). The personalized and made-to-measure aspect of the support is also highlighted in the agency’s communications, so as to reinforce the “human” aspect of its positioning.

For example, the agency has chosen to feature team members in the agency’s video tours. A detail that also helps to reinforce the human aspect of the real estate brand.

Enhancement of the personal brand of each agent

Once again, the human element is put forward by promoting the personal brand of each agent. Several blog posts and videos on social media showcase the expertise and personality of the team members.

A section of the agency’s magazine also portrays an agent. We discover his personality, his favorite places in Biarritz as well as his vision of the profession of real estate agent and the future of the profession.

Real Estate Magazine Made Real Estate

Physical communication tools that promote contact while working on the agency’s brand image

From business cards to flyers, including follow-up and estimate reports and service books, all of MADE REAL ESTATE’s communication tools respect a precise and harmonious graphic charter.

Let’s go back briefly to the agency’s magazine, which presents the local real estate market, the main districts and the MADE team. The different sections of the magazine focus on the best local addresses, the region’s attractions and the agency’s star properties. The magazine also offers real estate and decoration advice.

Made Real Estate Magazine

The magazine is also available in digital format.

The agency has also chosen not to display goods on the windows. These are rather decorated thematically. The storefront of the agency also uses its distinctive colors (blue and white).

These different physical communication tools allow the agency to expand its network, recover contacts and new mandates in addition to working on its brand image.

Facade Real Estate Agency Made

Digital communication tools

Agency homepage and presentation page

Upon arrival on its website, the MADE team offers us a clear vision of who they are, what they do and the type of clientele served by the agency. The value offer put forward is clear (sell in less than 28 days) and presented in such a way as to reach the agency’s target clientele (keep your mind free for the rest).

Made Real Estate Website

The presentation of the team, the services and the different areas served by the agency reinforces the human, local and innovative aspect of the brand. The “Concept” page paints an authentic portrait of the agency, its values ​​and its team.

Property sheets

The listing page says a lot about MADE’s ability to enhance its properties for sale. Each property is assigned a name. A complete home staging in a style that is both design and relaxed, specific to the agency and its area, also contributes to forging for each property a unique personality that is consistent with the overall image of the agency.

The description of the property perfectly matches the distinctive voice of the agency. Texts and photographs paint a complete and inspiring portrait of the property and its neighborhood. The main interests and concerns of the target buyer are addressed in a way that respects his style of communication.

Extract Property Sheet Made Real Estate

Landing pages

The agency has also designed several landing pages for the different sectors covered (Bidart, Anglet, etc.) in order to improve their local referencing.

A dynamic and consistent social media presence

MADE REAL ESTATE has chosen to be present on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, since that is where its target audience is. The different profiles of the agency are both perfectly aligned with the identity of the brand and with the specificities of each platform.

MADE uses Instagram particularly well to promote its brand image. The content is varied and relevant. We find there its magnificent properties, the daily life of the agency, informative content as well as customer testimonials.

Made Real Estate Instagram Real Estate

Featured stories are used strategically to communicate about each property the agency puts up for sale. The title corresponds to the type of property (T3, T4, M3, M5, etc.). The property name is shown on the thumbnail, which uses the same font, in separate colors.

Professional photos and videos

Produced by an image professional, MADE’s photos and videos highlight the property in such a way as to differentiate it from other agencies. As we have seen above, one of the particularities of the agency is to stage the members of the team to help the potential buyer to project himself more easily into each property.

A 360 degree content strategy

MADE’s content strategy combines several online (blog, social networks, newsletter, etc.) and offline (print magazine, flyers, etc.) channels and has been thought out according to the specific needs of its target customers.

The agency’s blog is updated several times a week with varied, high-quality content. It introduces the reader to the region’s flagship districts and its most beautiful attractions, gives concrete tips (By whom do you estimate your property for sale?), demystifies certain real estate concepts (The withdrawal periods explained by MADE) and presents the agency’s flagship properties.

Texts are written to engage the reader and are punctuated with stunning images and videos featuring team members.

Made Content Strategy

During the confinement, the agency even published Spotify playlists which bring together the favorites of its agents.

Partners who share the same vision and the same values ​​as the agency

We talked about the importance of surrounding yourself with good collaborators. Those who contribute to enhancing your brand image rather than tarnishing it. To carry out its mission, MADE has surrounded itself with like-minded partners (architects, decorators, notaries, etc.).

In conclusion, MADE REAL ESTATE offers us a great example of real estate branding executed brilliantly and highlighting the pillars of the brand in all its actions. The rest of our file devoted to real estate branding will take us to the other side of the Atlantic. We will see how a renowned American agency network carried out its rebranding, which is today considered one of the most successful in the American real estate market.

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