How to become a business engineer / business developer?

The business engineer ensures the prospection of new customers and the realization of an adapted technical and commercial offer. Also called business developer, key account engineer or key account engineer, he is the main intermediary between the company and the client.

How to become a business engineer (business developer)?

Wondering how to become a business engineer? The first thing you should know is that it is advisable to have a course of bac+5 level. This guide will help you find out about the main training courses to access this profession.

What baccalaureate to become a business engineer?

There is no royal road to becoming a business engineer. the STMG baccalaureate provides access to the profession of business developer. Nevertheless, the general baccalaureate is recommended to be able to easily integrate a business school or an engineering school.

What training to become a business engineer?

Training to become a business engineer starts with a business course. Several route choices are possible:

  • Join a business school to obtain a professional diploma either directly after the baccalaureate, or after a preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles.
  • Go to an engineering school with a year of specialization in commerce.
  • Start with one BTS NDRC or one Bachelor of Sales and Commercial Negotiation and then complete this training with a master’s degree in commerce, computer science or even a professional master’s degree in management business engineering course.
  • A university course, in particular via the IAE, is also possible to become a business engineer.

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Job description of a business engineer (business developer)

Being a position with high responsibilities and a strong decision-making dimension, the job description of a business engineer goes beyond the simple performance of commercial tasks.

The missions of a business engineer

The missions of a business engineer contribute to the development and commercial prosperity of the company. As with many trades in the commercial sector, among its main functions we will mention:

  • Managing all aspects of the relationship between the company and its customers.
  • Prospecting new customers and new offers.
  • Analysis of customer needs (functional, marketing, etc.) by studying their problems and providing them with appropriate solutions.
  • The representation and promotion of the products and services of the organization.
  • The drafting of commercial proposals and the verification of all stages of the project.
  • The assurance of a technological watch in order to anticipate customer requests.
  • Follow-up and control of the negotiated deadlines as well as the achievement of all the objectives expected by the client.

The qualities of a business engineer

Being in constant contact with different interlocutors, whether inside or outside the company, the business engineer must demonstrate good communication skills and interpersonal skills. It goes without saying that a sense of listening is important in order to understand and decipher the problems of prospects. Added to this, negotiation skills to get new opportunities and succeed in closing them. This profession requires a lot of rigor and organization to ensure the smooth running of projects. Often at the head of a team, the business developer must have a collective spirit.

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The recruitment of a business engineer (business developer)

Opportunities for a business engineer

The profession of business engineer is increasingly popular in organizations of all sizes, among others: the design offices of large industrial companies, engineering firms or companies providing consulting services or in auditing… The opportunities for business developers are numerous and in sectors as varied as the field of the sale of digital solutions.

Several career paths are possible. After a good period of practice in the profession, the key account engineer can become a commercial director or one marketing director. He can also evolve into B2B sales positions,Account Manager or of Customer Success Manager.

Good to know : Being a position that requires a lot of travel and in some cases, the management of international projects, mastering foreign languages, especially English, is a very important asset for the exercise of this profession.

Business engineer, entry-level salary

An entry-level business engineer’s salary, like most sales jobs, is both fixed and variable based on how their results are calculated. A junior business developer earns approximately €3,000 gross per month + a variable amount[1].
[1] Sales engineer / business engineer salary – Encyclo salaries 2021 (

The salary of a senior business engineer

After a few years of experience, the salary of a senior business engineer can reach €4,500 gross + variable salary[1].
[1] Sales engineer / business engineer salary – Encyclo salaries 2021 (

Ultimately, the business developer is the interface between the client and the company, he manages all the stages, from the client’s need to the implementation of technical solutions.

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