Inès Reg boycotted for Fashion Week, the comedian settles accounts with the world of fashion… His video is worth the detour!

Like many stars, Inès Reg is very active on her social networks. The opportunity for his admirers to discover all his upcoming projects or his countless improvised sketches in front of the camera. In recent months, the actress has chained the projects. On February 22, 2022, the wife of Kevin Debonne also made a big announcement on the Web. Indeed, the comedian has confirmed that she was part of the cast of the new edition of Beijing Express. For a few episodes 100% peoplethe production of the sixth channel decided to shoot them in Sri Lanka.

An incredible experience eagerly awaited by viewers. “My fololo of my heart, I missed you madly! It’s been two weeks since I deserted Instagram and theaters”, said the main interested party in her Instagram story. “I was participating in Beijing Express with the most beautiful human I know, my sister Anaïs. How I can’t wait to share this adventure with you”

In any case, a completely different event seems to have caught the eye of Inès Reg. For the past few days, Fashion Week has been in full swing in Paris. The biggest shows are popular with the hottest celebrities. This Monday, February 28, Rihanna caused a sensation at the new Dior show. In front of the photographers, the darling of ASAP Rocky proudly displayed her baby bump. For this big outing, the singer also bet on an alluring transparent black babydoll… Not to mention her leather ankle boots. The interpreter of “We Found Love” was clearly THE STAR of the event.

All this excitement around Fashion Week seems to have annoyed Inès Reg for a very specific reason. This Wednesday, February 2, the young woman is also explained on this subject. “It’s midnight 02 but I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep because I don’t understand why I haven’t been invited to Fashion Week. I still have all the lexical field of a Fashion guest?” wondered Inès Reg not without humor. “Why didn’t I get invited to Fashion Week?”. The message got through… To be continued!


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