Löver, the homemade kebab on a spit is coming to Kitchen Market

Löver is the new brand of homemade spit sandwiches that opened on November 15 at the Kitchen Market. The obvious inspiration of traditional kebabs on a skewer nevertheless differs from the aspiration of these dishes: to be gourmet while being 100% homemade.

Remember, in September we told you about the launch of these spit sandwiches. The idea was born in the minds of Thomas Fauchart and Simon Dauphin, the two founders of Löver. Perhaps you know them: Thomas created L’axe Prize (axe shooting stands) in Lesquin, while Simon Dauphin runs Aux Jours Joyeux in La Madeleine.

I’ve been thinking about a project around the kebab spit for a while, specifies Thomas. But with Simon, we wanted to offer another version of the already very popular and widespread kebab.” The word kebab does not appear anywhere on purpose. The ö is there to attest to the inspiration and stop there. “We don’t want people to come thinking they’re going to eat a classic kebab.”

The sandwiches offered by the brand are anything but classic. The only meat offered: chicken. This is marinated either in sweet and sour sauce or in citrus fruits. For veggies, there is a meatless option with falafels and the little extra is that the vegetable salad in the sandwich is seasoned with a vinaigrette prepared by the chef.

The Löver sandwich with seed bread, homemade fries and herb mayonnaise sauce

Fresh, local and 100% homemade

From the bread to the sauce, everything is homemade. “Every morning, we cut the potatoes to make the fries. Chef Filippe Da Silva takes care of the sauces, chicken marinades and dessertspoints out Thomas. The bread is made by an artisan baker from Armentières. For the chicken, we get our supplies from Polet Poultry, a regional company, and for the vegetables from the Jardins du Moulin.”

Open since November 15 at the Kitchen Market, Löver offers three different breads. Plain, Seeds or Tomato. You then have the choice between these three sandwiches:

  • The löver: baker’s bread, marinated chicken in sweet and sour sauce, seasonal salad, homemade sauce of your choice
  • The böner: baker’s bread, chicken marinated in citrus fruits, seasonal salad, homemade sauce of your choice
  • The greener: baker’s bread, falafels, seasonal salad, homemade sauce of your choice

The sauces are as follows: smoked mayonnaise, herb mayonnaise, tartare, white sauce, ketchup and jalapeno pepper. If you opt for the sandwich alone, it will cost you 9.50 euros. The formulas range from 14.50 euros to 17.50 euros.

All these ingredients together create a gourmet sandwich. The bread is tasty, the balance between crunchy and soft is respected, the tartar sauce is finely made, the chicken marinated in sweet and sour is tender and goes very well with the vegetables. The Löver sandwich is a success for its harmony of all its ingredients and the fries are delicious with a nickel cooking time. Dipped in the herb mayo sauce, we would like to ask for more…

Löver is open the same hours as Kitchen Market, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. And if you prefer to eat these sandwiches from home, you can order on the Uber Eats app.

As a reminder, the Kitchen Market is located in the Galerie des Tanneurs at 80, rue Pierre Mauroy. You can find the corner on its networks: Facebook and Instagram.

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