Meta Entertainment World: Monaco opens the doors to the Metaverse

Monaco opens the ban of the Métavers fairs, the new virtual universe, with the Meta Entertainment World on 23 and 24 May in person at the Hôtel Hermitage and virtually in MCity Metaverse, Monaco’s digital twin. With entry prices targeting a high-end international clientele, this first show, launched by the co-founder of Top Marques, will be held in Miami, Seoul and Dubai.

Cannes embarked on AI with the April launch of the first WAICF (World Artificial Intelligence Cannes Festival). Monaco is positioning itself on the new Metavers with, again a first, the Meta Entertainment World lounge, the MEW. It will take place face-to-face on May 23 and 24 at the Hôtel Hermitage and, quite naturally, in the Métavers. Monaco will thus be the first Live City Edition in a series that will continue in Miami, Seoul and Dubai.

Datas, NFT, 3D technologies for architects and urban designers…

It’s a real bet on this new virtual universe, presented as the future, and which carries the hopes of big markets to come with luxury brands and companies seeking to offer virtual immersive experiences to their customers to develop their sales. This summit of the “Meta Entertainment World” also intends to open the doors to what is announced as a new world as important as that of the Internet in the early 2000s.

The aim is to make the Metavers better understood, explain the organizers, to present the platforms associated with it, and above all to decode this new world by exhibiting concrete cases by presenting the successes of this hybrid space. Business leaders, investors, designers, creators of simulated and augmented hybrid universes will detail their experiences, their ambitions and will give concrete results in terms of development.

Many topics will be covered: Data, NFT, 3D technologies for architects and urban designers, management of resources and energy in virtual and real worlds, art and media in the Metaverse, sports and blockchain games, the virtual “twins” of luxury brands…

Admission prices that make you think

To foster exchanges and ensure networking, the presence of several leaders of this new industry is announced: the founders of Decentraland, The Sandbox, Roblox, Fortnite, MCity, Blockchain Virtual Valley, the Neos Metaverse community… One of the times highlight of the show will also take place in the Meta Awards Show, with trophies that will be awarded to pioneering companies in this new world during a prestigious Gala dinner. The awards ceremony, it is explained, “will bring the Metaverse virtually into the MCity by TOUCHCAST Metaverse, the digital twin of the Hôtel Hermitage in Monaco, in an unforgettable experience” and announce the “next generation of entertainment and innovation enthusiasts”.

There remains the question of accessibility. The entrance fee. Monaco hits the high end. The Monaco Yacht Show provides an example. Just like the Top Marques salons of which precisely Steven Saltzman, its CEO and co-founder, is the organizer of this new Metavers summit. And when you enter the ticketing part of the MEW website, you can see that this is not a general public show: single entry for the two days in “Virtual Meta” starts at 490€. The Meta Summit, therefore face-to-face participation, costs €1,190 with lunch and coffee. The May 23 Metaverse Awards VIP Gala Dinner alone is 990 including tax. At the top, the MetaLux package costs €5,990 including tax and combines everything (immersive experience in the metaverse, NFT collection, personal hologram, two-night accommodation at the Hermitage, helicopter transfer, etc.). Surely not within the reach of many purses.

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