Nancy. Barbie Kitchen, the brand new restaurant 100% dedicated to the famous doll

Mike Viard in his new restaurant “Barbie Kitchen”, located at Passage Bleu in Nancy. (©Nicolas Zaugra/ Lorraine News)

Go through the door of Barbie Kitchen » (or « Barbie’s kitchen ») is to enter a universe where childhood mixes with the nostalgia of adults.

In Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), a brand new restaurant has just opened in the city center. It is completely devoted to the famous American doll who does not turn 62…

A restaurant “for brunch with friends”

Why devote an entire restaurant to the world of the famous toy? “The idea came like that, with the concept of a return to childhood for forty-somethings, for example, who want to have brunch with friends in downtown Nancy,” explains the co-manager of Barbie Kitchen.

The brand, brand new in the world of local catering, is installed in the middle of the Blue Pass in the pedestrian zone near the Saint-Sébastien shopping centre. “Like that it’s pink and blue,” laughs Mike Viard.

Barbie Kitchen replaces the Brunch des Garçons which imposed too strict a sanitary protocol. “With the health rules, the concept no longer lent itself to it and then it is important to renew the concepts”, explains the one who forms a duo with his partner Nicolas Duquenno.

Dolls on the wall, an original decoration and a Ken space

The restaurant’s universe plunges customers into the world of Barbie: the chairs and tables are pink, as are the walls. The nods to the doll are everywhere. We spot his Mercedes and his famous Fiat 500, his eccentric accessories and hairstyles.

“There are newer Barbies and older ones,” Mike continues. Friends of his lent their dolls, he bought new ones and the second-hand dealer on the street offered accessories from his collection.

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There’s also a Ken space, Barbie’s boyfriend, with his giant portrait on the wall and blue chairs.

The restaurant offers daily specials on weekdays and brunch on weekends.
The restaurant offers daily specials on weekdays and brunch on weekends. (©Nicolas Zaugra/ Lorraine News)

From the brasserie at lunchtime, brunch at the weekend

On the catering side, the owners of the place defend a “simple and affordable cuisine”.

A dish of the day from 9 euros is offered every day during the week at lunchtime as well as salads, gourmet pies or even croques monsieur.

Saturday and Sunday from 11:15 a.m. Barbie Kintchen switches to all-you-can-eat brunch mode with a formula at 22 euros per person with a hot drink and orange juice and a generous buffet that offers charcuterie, cheese, savory pies, scrambled eggs, cereals or jams.

During the spring-summer season, a terrace, also all pink, will be deployed within the Passage Bleu.

The two associates hope that the concept will seduce Barbie fans, those nostalgic for the doll or those looking for a new unusual place.

Soon the reopening of Mamie Branchée

“This project kept me going in this turbulent period because of the Covid. For me, it’s passion that keeps me going, I wonder what else I could do. What else can I do but serve people, offer them food? The fact of being two partners also keeps us together. When one has a slack, the other can be fine,” smiles Mike Viard.

They hope to be able to reopen Mamie Branchée, a popular dance bar-restaurant, which they own in Nancy and Metz on February 16. The government has indeed announced the reopening of nightclubs and will lift the ban on standing in bars…

Barbie Kitchen, open Tuesday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (first service) and 2nd service from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
At the Passage Bleu in Nancy.

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