Omnisports. Rugby only 9th most popular sport in the world, discover the Top 10

Rugby would have between 390 and 410 million fans on the planet. (©Illustration/Icon Sports)

the rugby is it an unpopular sport worldwide? According to the ranking published by the American media Sports Browser, we are entitled to think so. Indeed, this site has achieved the top 10 most popular sports in the world and rugby only happens in 9e positionbehind the volleyball (6e) or table tennis (7e), disciplines which nevertheless seemed more confidential than ovality. In pole position, we find of course the soccera universal sport if ever there was one.

Between 390 and 410 million rugby fans worldwide

Ranked on par with the Football and just behind the baseball (8e) and its 500 million fans, rugby would have between 390 and 410 million fans on the planet, mainly in Europe (France and England) and in thesouthern hemisphere (New Zealand, Australia and South Africa): “This sport has also spread to a large part of the Polynesiawith particularly strong followers in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga,” adds Sports Browser. ” Nevertheless, rugby is only popular in a handful of countries. In other countries, sport only enjoys a limited popularity. »

Where the shoe pinches is also in terms oftelevision exhibition : “The TV audience is quite good in the nations practicing rugby, but it is negligible in other countries”, explains the American media. Regarding, “TV rights deals for rugby tournaments, they are not as big as football, cricket or tennis, but they are still quite expensive”.

“A sport that does not benefit from good access to the general public”

Moderately popular sport on the internet, rugby nevertheless benefits from a high level of searches on the web during the World Cup, especially in the participating nations. This discipline benefits from a limited social media presence, since the big rugby clubs and rugby stars are not very popular on the web. The average salary of a rugby player is around $60,000 per year (€53,000).

Finally, with regard to thegender equality and thepublic accessrugby is also lagging behind: “It’s a male-dominated sport both at professional and amateur level and who does not have good access to the general public compared to other sports, mainly due to its nature and the large surface area required”.

The Top 10 most popular sports in 2022:

  1. Soccer (3.5 billion fans) – popularity: Europe, Africa, Asia and America
  2. Cricket (2.5 billion fans) – popularity: Asia, Australia and UK
  3. Basketball (2.2 billion fans) – popularity: USA, Canada, China and Philippines
  4. Field hockey (2 billion fans) – popularity: Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia
  5. Tennis (1 billion fans) – popularity: Europe, Americas and Asia
  6. Volleyball (900 million fans) – popularity: Asia, Europe, Americas and Australia
  7. Table tennis (850M fans) – popularity: Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas
  8. Baseball (500M fans) popularity: United States, Japan, Cuba and Dominican Republic
  9. Rugby/American Football (410M fans): France, England, New Zealand, South Africa (rugby) and USA mainly (American football)
  10. Golf (390M fans) – popularity: Europe, Asia, America, Canada

And also :

11. Formula 1
12. Boxing
14. MotoGP
15. Athletics
16. Badminton
17. Cycling
18. Swimming
19. Snooker
20. Shot
21. Gymnastics
22. Handball
23. Wrestling
24. Skiing
25. Horse racing

This ranking was established using 15 criteria what is the global fan base, TV audience, TV rights deals, internet and social media popularity, number of professional leagues in the world, average salary of athletes in top leagues, sponsorship offers, number of countries the sport is popular in, biggest competition, relevance throughout the year, gender equality, access to the general public, number of amateur players in the world or the importance of sport in the sports headlines of the media.

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