Smart finance unlocks billions for the digital shift in healthcare

• The global pandemic is expected to accelerate the digital shift in healthcare

• While the health sector is constrained by even more severe budgetary restrictions under the effect of the pandemic, smart finance is essential to accelerate the digital shift

• New research from Siemens Financial Services (SFS) estimates the level of funds potentially freed up by smart finance – rather than being “frozen” or tied up by outright technology purchases

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) has released a new study using its healthcare value indicator model to analyze the pressures compressing resources in healthcare across the world.

The paper, titled “Reducing the Pressure: Working Smarter in Healthcare,” acknowledges the potential impact of the pandemic on accelerating digital transformation in this sector, which adds to other pressures to provide access to more effective and efficient preventive medicine.

This study assesses improvements in patient prognosis and combines these factors to offer a meaningful comparison of added value to healthcare across fourteen countries.

Value is essentially generated by the technologies, working methods, clinical pathways and smart buildings that guide organizations in the development of precision medicine, the transformation of care, the improvement of prognosis and patient experience. patients through digital transformation.
Smart finance is necessary to make the conversion financially viable. Smart finance makes the acquisition of new equipment accessible
Funds frozen in medical imaging
Capital expenditure in diagnostic imaging (2020-2025) capitalized in the absence of financing plans for the acquisition of new generation technologies
Region Frozen Funds
($ million)
Americas 12,327
Asia-Pacific 15,609
Europe 9,659
and technology, while freeing up funds that would otherwise be tied up in the outright purchase of technology. Tailored funding agreements ensure that these funds remain available for other urgent and tactical needs.
“Health systems around the world are under more pressure than ever to transform care,” said Thierry Fautré, President, Siemens Financial Services, France. “While the value of digital healthcare is clear, budget restrictions are a significant barrier to investment. Smart finance can facilitate access to funds to finance a sustainable digital conversion. »
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Methodology for calculating “frozen capital” :
• Identification of annual expenditure on “fundable” health equipment
• The penetration rate of the country for the financing of equipment is then subtracted from this sum
• We then apply a conservative estimate of the cost of replacing the stock of equipment with next-generation digitized versions over a period of five years.
The remaining amount is considered largely “frozen”, as it is tied up for direct purchases. With private financing of private sector equipment and technology, repayments would have been spread over the lifetime of the asset (as monthly installments) and thus better adjusted for efficiency savings and improvement. of the prognosis obtained thanks to the equipment or the technology.

Siemens Financial Services (SFS), a division of Siemens, offers international financing solutions in the business-to-business area.
Thanks to its unique combination of financial expertise, risk management and industrial know-how, SFS designs innovative tailor-made financial solutions that contribute to the growth of its customers by giving them access to new technologies to generate value and improve their competitiveness. SFS supports investments through financing and leasing services for the purchase of equipment, business loans, equity participation and financing of projects and structures. Finally, SFS offers debt financing and factoring solutions Thanks to its international network, SFS can comply with the legal requirements of each country to offer its financial solutions worldwide. Siemens Financial Services, a division of the group specializing in financial risk analysis based in Munich, Germany, has nearly 3,000 employees worldwide.

Siemens France Holding is a subsidiary of Siemens AG, a global technology group. For 170 years in France, the Siemens name has been synonymous with technical performance, innovation, quality and reliability. Siemens operates in the fields of intelligent infrastructure for buildings, decentralized energy production, automation and digitalization in the manufacturing industry and the process industry. Siemens is working towards the convergence of the digital and real worlds for the benefit of its customers and society as a whole. In addition, Siemens Mobility is a leading provider of smart mobility solutions for passenger and freight transport. Together with its listed subsidiary Siemens Healthineers AG, in which the group has a majority stake, the company is also a leading provider of solutions and services for the healthcare industry. In addition, Siemens holds a minority stake in Siemens Energy, a major player in power transmission, distribution and generation which went public on September 28, 2020.


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