Swore. Future “Food Place” of Lons-le-Saunier: what we know about this project dedicated to food

Within five months, a new Food Place, run by the Thiriet brand, will open its doors to customers. (©Joffrey Fodimbi)

For several weeks now, the store Garden of the Marshal June Square at Lons-le-Sauniermoved to Perrigny. Last week, diggers and backhoes went into action to destroy the building, leaving alone standing next to the Business Fair and Thiriet. But soon, the entire area will be restructured to allow a ” Food Place “.

A concept imagined by the Vosges company Thiriet, which since 2017 has been available throughout France. The idea: set up in the same area around the frozen food sign, several cells dedicated topremium foodthen invested by complementary independent companies, thus making it possible to create a kind of food hall.

“We are satisfied to see this kind of private project emerge”

“The Thiriet group, owner of this site, came to meet us two months ago to explain their project to us”, explains Jacques Guillermoz, assistant to the works at the town hall of Lons-le-Saunier, and to continue, “we are satisfied to see this kind of private project emerge, thus allowing in this area to standardize an architecture which had become a little heterogeneous. It will make an interesting set, which can bring more life to this neighborhoodin addition to Crossroads City which opened a few steps away. »

A project that will therefore make it possible to revitalize this exit from the city, bordering the sector City Heart Action and the islet of Salines which the municipality wishes to revive.

“We are therefore in favor of this type of commercial operation which allows people to avoid moving to peripheral commercial spaces by allowing them to continue to consume in the city centre. »

Jacques GuillermozAssistant to the works at the town hall of Lons-le-Saunier

Four commercial cells from 200 to 500 m2

But until then, many months of work are needed to see this new commercial area open its doors to customers. Works that will see the birth of two new commercial cells from here end of April 2022and rehabilitate the two cells currently occupied by the Foire aux Affaires and Thiriet by next summer, “with the idea therefore of creating a coherent whole, with a standardization of the facades and a complete redevelopment of the exteriors, with a 30-space tree-lined car park “, specifies the elected official.

On a total area of ​​3,436 m2with 1,470 m2 of frame for 1,401 m2 of usable area, the Thiriet store will move completely to the right of the area, in a store of 388 m2then starting on the left of the building, the Business Fair, for 202 m2a local producers storeover 311 m2“and the last cell of 500 m2 which apparently has not yet found a buyer, but which could be a bakery concludes Jacques Guillermoz.

“This site is carrying”

Virginie Plumeleur, responsible for the expansion of the Food Place concept at Thiriet, assures us, “this site is promising for our development. We have been there for more than 20 years, owner of the current left part of the building, and when Jardival moved, we took the opportunity to buy the building, because we were looking to expand and implement our new Food Place concept. . »
With the ambition of bringing together premium food shops in the same zone, the Thiriet brand will therefore rent out the three other cells in the zone, after completion of the works at an estimated cost of 3 million euros: “we will move to the right part of the building and the current Business Fair, which will take the opportunity to reposition itself on a wine merchant activity, too. The other two businesses will effectively be a local producers’ store and a bakery. »


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