Nationale 2: the full squad of USA Limoges

Enzo Serra. 24 years old, 1.71m, 108kg.Dylan Touraud. 21 years old, 1.83m, 115kg.Guillaume Buisson. 26 years old, 1.87m, 123kg.Giorgi Margveliani (GEO). 28 years old, 1.84m, 132kg.David Sicot. 22 years old, 1.82m, 112kg.Rodney Oh You. 33 years old, 1.85 m, 128 kg, comes from Vannes (Pro D2).Mathieu Barres. 29 years old, 1.83 m, 116 kg, comes … Read more

National 2: USA Limoges tests its collective for export

Travel trains young people and contributes to building collectives. It is in search of certainty about its identity, but not only, that the USAL goes to Marmande this Saturday evening to test itself in export after its inaugural improved success in front of Fleurance (20-15).“Of course there is this desire to continue, admits Adrien Buononato. … Read more

Adrien Buononato, a builder for USA Limoges

Adrien Buononato is the new USAL forwards coach. Julien Delaye, the general manager of the Limougeaud club, presented him to the workforce this Thursday evening as a prelude to training, thus putting an end to six weeks of research since the ousting of Thomas Masurel and Cyrille Batoux. Without a job since leaving Soyaux-Angoulême in … Read more

USA Limoges in a very unfavorable tie

“We get what we deserve. When you want something in life, you have to do violence to yourself and you don’t do enough violence to yourself. We were faced with starving people who play rugby very well. We didn’t hurt a guy on a tackle, we got caught countless balls in the rucks. We are … Read more

USA Limoges at the Floirac test

You will have to have a strong heart and strong kidneys. And probably even more. Basically difficult, the task that awaits the Limougeauds this Sunday in Floirac promises to be even more complicated.In this doubtless decisive duel in the race for direct accession to the future National 2 – reserved for the first four of … Read more

Before Mauléon – USA Limoges in the first leg of the play-offs, Baptiste Soto confides: “It makes you want to go further”

HIS RETURN FROM INJURY. “I broke my middle finger in my right hand and that caused me to miss three games. I came back at the beginning of April against Rennes (23-19 victory) then I continued last weekend in Périgueux (47-10 defeat). The hardest thing when you come back from injury is to find your … Read more