Private equity real estate: TwentyTwo Real Estate scores a double blow in the residential sector

Powerhouse Habitat, the residential property managed by TwentyTwo Real Estate (4.5 billion euros in assets under management), signed two of the four largest residential transactions in France in 2021. Last April, the OPPCI PWH ( whose sole subsidiary is Powerhouse Habitat) won the precious SRI label. The founder of TwentyTwo Real Estate, Daniel Rigny, explains … Read more

“Greenwashing”: finance under surveillance

It is a case that could be described as emblematic. German justice on Tuesday May 31 raided the premises of Deutsche Bank and its fund management subsidiary DWS in Frankfurt in an investigation for greenwashing (greenwashing). More specifically, the bank is accused by the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office of ” fraud “ on investments “sold … Read more

What future for embedded finance?

The notion of embedded finance has particularly developed over the last decade. The desire for transparency has pushed financial and non-financial players to seek solutions for increasingly demanding digital customers. Embedded finance (or Embedded Finance) allows non-banking companies to offer their own financial services while freeing themselves from administrative constraints. Some big players like Samsung, … Read more

Innovative banking services to meet new uses

Despite what we have been reading everywhere for a few months, embedded finance is not a new concept in France. According to some sources, this concept has gradually developed over the past decade. This development can be explained by the demand (by customers familiar with digital technology) for transparent e-commerce solutions, which pushes financial and … Read more

Green finance, savers will be better informed

“Do you want to invest in sustainable products? » Where “Take into account the negative impacts of your investments on the environment? ». And if so, which ones? Until what point ? From August 2, individuals will be asked these questions by their bank adviser, when they want to make an investment. European premiere This … Read more

What is the impact of blockchain in the entertainment industry?

The entertainment sector is no exception, as an example in 2021, funding for blockchain entertainment start-ups increased 713% from the previous year to $25.2 billion. In this article, we invite you to see how the blockchain can impact this sector. The blockchain for more efficiency Until now, blockchain was used primarily as a digital ledger, … Read more

much more than a profit generator for large companies

The digitization of the finance function has become a priority for many organizations. This trend, already visible before the appearance of the Covid-19 epidemic, has become unavoidable with the pandemic and the upcoming deadlines for electronic invoicing. The digitization of processes is no longer the prerogative of large companies, and its development has greatly accelerated … Read more

Lucie Pinson wants to decarbonize finance

XXL glasses frame, mischievous smile and youthful look. At first glance, Lucie Pinson willingly admits “ not having the same aura” than a thick-skinned CEO. His stubbornness and in-depth knowledge of the financial sector nevertheless sparks. Founder of the NGO Reclaim Finance, she has made it her mission to put an end to fossil fuels … Read more