Chef Julien Sebbag’s recipes for a sweet breakfast

By Vanessa Zocchetti Posted on 07/23/2022 at 05:30, Update on 07/25/2022 at 1:14 p.m. Julien Sebbag and Shin Rayieu. Frederic Vasseur For season 4 of his ephemeral restaurant in Paris, Créatures, chef Julien Sebbag inaugurates a breakfast menu with the creations of pastry chef Shin Rayieu. A moment of pure happiness. He hasn’t slept much. … Read more

our recipe ideas to enjoy your harvests

The heart of summer is the height of the tomato season, and according to the testimonies of amateur and professional market gardeners in Normandy, we are indeed in a generous year in this area! A few recipe ideas to enjoy the fruitiest of vegetables. The tomato, this star fruit among summer vegetables, has grown well … Read more

Modern bistros and recipe books, the revival of Palestinian gastronomy

>>West Bank: restored access to one of the largest mosaics in the world >> In Gaza, the memories of Napoleon’s olive trees drowned in the concrete of the present >>Some 130,000 historic postcards from the Holy Land presented in Jerusalem A cook prepares to serve plates of hummus and beans to customers at a restaurant … Read more

Modern bistros and recipe books, the revival of Palestinian gastronomy

From the millennial alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem to the kitchens of trendy establishments abroad, a wind of renewal is blowing on Palestinian gastronomy which remains attached to its ancestral traditions and is enjoying great success. From the front door of “Taboun”, the scent of bread baked in the traditional terracotta oven tickles … Read more

The cookbook, between recipes and art of living

Cooking is more than a compilation of recipes, exact weigh-ins, ingredient lists and complicated equations. It’s a story of feelings, encounters, emotions transmitted through a gesture, a smell, a memory or even a burst of laughter. → REREAD. Fennel salad, butternut soup, brownies… 6 green recipes for winter I must confess that my vocation owes … Read more

original sandwiches for less than 20 €

Every Friday in the summer, until August 26, 2022, Yannick Dubois, winner of the Trophée des Léopards 2021 and now chef at home, will offer us recipes. Today: original sandwiches for four people for less than €20. To go on a hike or take a break on the road to vacation, the sandwich remains the … Read more