the future of USA Limoges, promoted to National Two

By achieving a real feat this Sunday, May 1, in the accession play-offs, against Mauléon, USA Limoges won the right to access the future National Two which, next season, will be, at semi-professional level, the new fourth level of French rugby. But now is where the hardest part begins!

What is happiness in rugby?

For’USA Limogesa few centimeters to the right of the left post!

By entering his penalty after the end of additional time, Pedro Soto (and all his teammates of course, who still managed to recover a handicap of 15 points and the ground point!!) sent USA L towards the new National Twowhich will become effective during the next 2022-2023 season.

Yes, we know, rugby is complicated, and not only in its rules, in its divisions (no pun intended) too.

After the aborted, unsuccessful and abandoned attempt a few years ago by Fédérale Élite, supposed to create a “buffer lock” between Pro D2 and Fédérales, the governing bodies of the French Ovalie introduced new rules last July, which will therefore become effective next July.

You follow ? Otherwise, here is the new “pyramid of French rugby:

Already present this season, this “buffer lock” is and will therefore remain the National, a championship with fourteen teams in a single pool, with two climbs and two descents.

But between this National and the former Federals, a National Two is therefore created, made up of the sixteen best clubs of Federal One this season, currently playing the final stages, and the eight winners of the play-offs, including USA Limoges.

A competition with twenty-four clubs therefore, split into two groups (for the moment undefined but probably geographically distributed), and four climbs and logically four descents.

Before knowing the chicken, and the opponents of Limoges, here is the complete list of the clubs which will evolve next season in National Two:
(as there is always a complication, the two finalist clubs of the final stages of Federal 1 will go up to National, and will therefore be replaced by the last two of this division, probably Dijon and Cognac or Aubenas)

Venus from Pool 1: Périgueux, Niort, Floirac and Rennes

Venus of the Hen 2: Hyères-Carqueiranne, Rumilly, Vienne and Mâcon

Venus of the hen 3: Nîmes, Pamiers, Marmande and Graulhet

Venus of the hen 4: Ftheirance, Auch, Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Tyrosse.

Coming from the dams: Marcq-en-Barœul, Arcachon Bay, Lannemezan, Bédarrides, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Saint-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (who would not wish to go up), the Metropolitan Stadium and therefore the USA Limoges.

Access to this new National Two, it was the ambition ” that Limoges regains a level of French rugby of its rank “, for Julien Delayethe USA Limoges general manager.

With this in mind, the club had “saved” nothing in previous years, in order to build a more competitive team this year.

The strategy was to invest a little this season, precisely to “upgrade” and go up a division. […]
In previous seasons, we were able to save money, put money in the warm precisely while waiting for this possible accession, and that’s what we did this season, and it paid off. » Julien Delaye, General Manager of USA Limoges

Of course, this climb is not an end in itself.
The idea is to perpetuate USAL’s place in this division before, more or less in the medium term, aiming highertowards the Nationale, the antechamber of the Elite.
But, if it will of course be necessary to do it above all and above all sportingly, relying, among other things, on the future training center which the club will have next yearthis will also necessarily require a budget increase.

And that’s where the trouble begins!

This season, theUSA Limoges had a budget of approximately €1,500,000.
It is estimated that in Fédérale Une, the clubs oscillate between 300,000€ and 3,000,000€ (for barely one or two, we cannot therefore make an average budget on the basis of this evaluation).
The Limoges budget is therefore rather comfortable.

For next season, the club’s ambition is to raise it slightly, from €200 to €300,000.
Not easy, but probably doable.

We had a budget of roughly one million five for the season, we have to manage to go up to one million seven, one million eight.
For that, we will ask our partners to make a little extra effort.
We hope they are satisfied with the season, that we will also be able to help them with their communication themselves, and USAL is a good vector of communication, especially with the results we have.
We will also have to find a few additional partners to help us make the joint for next season.
“. Jean-Yves Gomez, Executive President of USA Limoges

For information, the club currently has just over 200 partners.

This season, in National, the biggest budget was over €4,500,000and the smallest was the same as the USAL, with a average budget established at €2,400,000.
There, it is not “little extra efforts”, or “a few more partners” that will be necessary…

So we shouldn’t dream too big, too fast.
Nationale Deux, it may sound less good than Nationale tout court, but it is undoubtedly the current place of Limoges rugby.
And we hope that the USAL flourishes there for a long time, without lacking ambition or appetite!

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