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“You found me on the Internet? So I did my job well!”, smiles Laurence Kermorgant, from her house in Morbihan where she has comfortably fitted out her office. For just one year, she has been a freelance SEO web editor. A 180-degree turn that tipped the 50-year-old, in a few months, from a tumultuous career as a financial director to writing web articles for the websites of companies, start-ups, or on behalf of specialized agencies and platforms.

A busy career

“I probably should have changed direction 10 years ago, but I continued my path at a frantic pace, I chained positions of responsibility, I locked myself in an infernal spiral that was killing me little by little. fire”, says Laurence Kermorgant, before listing the succession of positions she has encountered since the end of her studies. First as credit analyst in the bank, auditors, then in companies at different levels of responsibility. Pell-mell, she thus chained missions of manager then director of management control in a big group poultry, management control manager and then Daf of a large SME food industry before completely changing sectors to join a large American metallurgical group as assistant to the Daf. “I then had 20 people under my responsibility. After four years, I seized, within this same group, the opportunity of a post of branch manager in Argentina. It has been the professional adventure of my life. I was projected into a South American culture of which I knew nothing, after having learned Spanish in two months. Open corruption, a sprawling administration, machismo etc…”, remembers the ex-Daf. Less than two years later, the decision is made to close the subsidiary, Laurence Kermorgant must manage the layoffs “according to Argentine law”in great moral loneliness.

On her return from Argentina, she decides to leave the group and joins another structure. But the period is painful, she falls ill. “My body made me understand my limits. The doctors encouraged me to calm down and do less demanding work, but I didn’t listen to them and I continued to hold positions of responsibility”.

The click

Finally, 2020 will have been the year too many for Laurence Kermorgant, the one that will finally give her the wings to change paths. She negotiates her departure and decides, in less than 15 days, on her new professional orientation. “I sought a job that I could exercise as a freelancer, from home. I really liked to write, hence this idea of ​​SEO web writing. I have followed the appropriate trainingI learned a lot and I started by creating my micro-enterprise in April 2021″. She quickly convinces a first client, then two, then three. “I met a management controller who had also embarked on this orientation and who worked a lot on articles related to finance. He put me on the job. Result: today, I am very much in demand on these subjects”. Invoicing, automation, digitalization, bank credit, are his daily subjects. No longer as operational as before, but as editor.

Among her clients: the unicorn Spendesk for example (employee expense management solution) for whom she writes an article a week. “Initially, I did not want to work in this sector, I no longer wanted to talk about finance but I understood the extent of the need. I no longer want to set up a budget but I recognize that I appreciate writing on subjects that I know”.

Thanks to this specialization, she is more productive, more efficient. She knows this and measures it very precisely, by capitalizing on her Daf reflexes: dashboards, calculation of hourly profitability, etc. Results : “I am already, after a year, at my forecast for my year 3…”. The ex-Daf says he does not regret anything about his life before and would not return to work for anything in the world.

From her house in Morbihan, she works alone, at her own pace. 45 to 50 hours a week all the same, but much less than the rhythm of 80 hours to which she was accustomed.

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