These 7 food trends that will mark the year 2022

From the appearance of “reductarianism” to the great reign of yuzu, here is what 2022 has in store for us in terms of food trends.

For the past two years, the pandemic context has completely changed our eating habits and our relationship to cooking. The restaurant sector is also going through profound upheavals. It’s in a unique culinary context and totally whimsical as 2022 emerges. What will we find in our closets this year? What will be the eating habits that will characterize the coming months?

Several journalists, top chefs and experts attempted to answer these questions. Among the references, we find the food company of organic products Whole Foods Market or the American magazine Food & Wine, both known for their annual prognoses on the major food trends. We condensed you an overview of the most likely and interesting guesses what to expect in the food scene in 2022.

1. The fame of yuzu

This is the citrus trend of 2022. The yuzu is a small Japanese lemon which already monopolizes Asian cuisine but which is gradually breaking through here. In terms of taste, we oscillate between lime and tangerine, with the acidity of grapefruit bonus. He is also appreciated for his “boost effect” on the immune system. In short, yuzu will be everywhere on the shelves of our grocery stores and in the recipes of great chefs in 2022.

2. Seeds!

The Gsunflower seedspumpkin seeds, flax seeds… all bring healthy fats necessary for a healthy diet. Once the best friend of schoolyards and ballparks, the seeds are now creeping into crackers, crackers and even ice cream. Thanks to their proteins and their unsaturated fats, they become the new 21st century snack especially in children! Perfect as a nut replacement for those with tree nut allergies.


3. “Reductarialism”

Behind this nenglish eologism, “reductarialism”, hides a food tendency which consists in reducing not only one’s consumption of meat but also of dairy products and eggs but that without eliminating them completely. It is therefore neither a vegan diet, nor a vegetarian diet, nor a flexitarian diet, but a mix of the three.

The “reductarianists” consume meat but quality and local breeders. A trend that has already begun several years ago but which will continue to grow with rising costs and shortages. The oxen are raised in pasture, the hens in freedom,… In short, we are careful!

4. Alcohol-free is on the rise

The dealcoholized drinks sell better and better. And the Covid-19 pandemic is far from having slowed this double-digit growth. In question ? A desire of consumers to be more attentive to the harmful effects of slightly too regular consumption of alcohol on their health, but alsoi an increasingly qualitative offer on the market.

In Belgium and France, many new brands stand out. Among them, we can mention the non-alcoholic gins Botaniets and Tree3 or the non-alcoholic sparkling wine French Bloom.

5. …but also fermented drinks

After kombucha, fermented drinks in general will take up more and more space on our tables. Made from ferments (yeasts, bacteria, etc.) rich in vitamins and probiotics good for the digestive and immune system, they are sparkling, ultra-thirst-quenching and slightly alcoholic. Several drinks are emerging all over Belgium, such as the Kéfir Eau Verturée or Tibicos brands.

6. Outdoor restaurants

Appeared during confinement, all these restaurants designed in greenhouses, yurts or outdoor bubbles are likely to continue into 2022. Since the pandemic is not over, they not only remain useful spaces for maintaining social distance and ensuring good ventilation, but they have also become the perfect alternative for families with children or for those who now love private meals.

7. Local food delivery services

If Deliveroo and Uber Eats still largely have a monopoly, we should see the emergence of more and more delivery services advocating fresh, local and seasonal food. A way for producers and restaurants to offer better products to their consumers but also to better control the delivery structure andeliminate costly third parties or non-community.


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