Tony Boudot, USA Limoges rugby player and béhourd player

In a past life, Tony Boudot would probably have been a knight. The pillar of USA Limoges would then have magnified the art of combat. A word that sticks to his skin. Two syllables that slam like the blows you have to take and give to defend yourself and attack the opponent you have to defeat.

However, we would have gladly imagined him, a domed torso and bulging muscles, as a gladiator in the arena. But going back through the corridors of time, it is in the Middle Ages that Tony Boudot would have taken up residence to put on the armor that he sometimes puts on to practice behourd, a discipline using medieval weapons “that the nobles practiced to talk to each other in times of peace,” says this history buff.

Ball in hand last season against Saint-Yrieix.

Tony Boudot discovered behourd as a teenager in his native Jura. An activity that immediately aroused the interest of this fan of combat sports. Judo, wrestling, English boxing and of course rugby started in Dole, continued in Dijon, Bourg-en-Bresse, Bergerac and Limoges for 6 years now.

The more you hurt your opponent, the more he will respect you. The goal is to make him flinch

But it is in the bump that the left prop finds the right ground to express his inner rage. “Rugby is a combat sport, especially closed scrums, rucks where we also try to mark the opponent but it’s still a game, concedes the USAL player who will turn 25 next month. When I put on armor, it’s to hurt. The behourd brings together many history fans but it is not the sausage fair (sic). We are here to fight. There is an exacerbated but controlled violence because there are rules and respect for certain values. The more you hurt your opponent, the more he will respect you. The goal is to make him flinch”.

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bruises for a week

Dangerous the behourd? “No more than rugby, retorts the person concerned. All blows are not allowed. It is forbidden to hit the neck. In rugby, a collapsed scrum or a heavy clearance can cause serious injury. Afterwards, between a big tackle and an ax blow, there is no photo. Sometimes I know I’m going to have bruises for a week.

Our large format on the behourd, the medieval full contact

To practice his passion, Tony Boudot, now licensed at the Pardus Bellator in Bordeaux with his friends from the Ardents de Limoges, veterans of the Lance Limousine, puts all the assets on his side. He orders his equipment in Ukraine from a specialized blacksmith. “My armor is 1.8mm thick. It’s heavier than normal”, proudly launches the athlete, prepared accordingly to support the thirty kilos of metal on his sharp saddle. Even if the physical efforts are different, rugby brings me a lot in terms of movements at the level of the supports, for the pushes and the blockages or to collect the opponents launched.

Tony Boudot has his armor made in Ukraine.

Still, for now, there are no opponents or fights. Health crisis obliges, the competitions are stopped. Tony Boudot, he is in a hurry: to take up arms again.

Jean-Francois Darthoux

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