USA Limoges in a very unfavorable tie

“We get what we deserve. When you want something in life, you have to do violence to yourself and you don’t do enough violence to yourself. We were faced with starving people who play rugby very well. We didn’t hurt a guy on a tackle, we got caught countless balls in the rucks. We are countered on our strengths and we even take a test on the ball… We knew what to expect. I was even happy to come here, to this stronghold of rugby. I’m very happy to have played here but very disappointed to have taken this beating. »

The bonus on the wire

Lucid, Adrien Buononato the Limougeaud coach, did not mince his words a few minutes after the meeting. He had attended helplessly to the bad copy provided by his men yesterday in Basque land. USA Limoges led 6-3 a few seconds before half-time but a careless error on a penalty quickly played by Mauléon put the locals in the lead at the break on a try from 60 meters to a pass (8 -6, 40th+1).
The break did not break the good dynamic of Souletins. It didn’t take more than a minute for Captain Barberarena to point to a corner at the conclusion of a major collective action mixing front and three-quarters (13-6, 42nd).
Ultra dominated, Limoges could consider himself lucky that the Souletin scorers who lacked success yesterday (2/8) did not swell the gap. Captain Viera’s teammates were deprived of the ball and the rare Limoges opportunities were annihilated by a Basque tackle or scratch. USAL thought they had limited the damage by only being trailing by seven points before the second leg, but that was without counting on the energy of the locals who scored the offensive bonus try on the final action of the match thanks to to a well-controlled 5-meter penalty which saw the entire Mauléonnais collective collapse in the in-goal.
Very bad operation for Limoges who will start the return match next Sunday with 14 points behind but above all an offensive bonus to be sought in order to hope to move up to National 2.

MAULEON (Marius-Rodrigo Stadium): MAULEON defeats USA LIMOGES 20-6 (8-6).

Referee Eric Gleyze (Occitanie).

Mauleon. 3 tries Y. Orabe (40th+1), Barberarena (42nd), Eppherre (80th+7) 1 Bouillon conversion (80th+8) 1 Bouillon penalty (34th)

The team Y.Orabe, L.Carrique (Berrogain, 60th), Rosier (Eppherre, 77th), Barberarena (cap), Queheille, (o) Bouillon, (m) Etchegoyen (Brocal, 70th), JY Orabe, Aubame (Coste, 60th ), Caballero, Le Tiec, Ainciburu (Lopez, 50th), Pelaez (Derdoy, 54th), Uhalde, C.Larramendy (Loustau, 58th)..

Yellow cards: Loustau (74th) C. Larramedy (80th)

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Limoges. 2 penalties P.Soto (6th), Lopez (24th).

The team: Marchand, Sauviat, P.Soto, Lopez, Chalopin (o) Fournier (Andraud, 58th), (m) Conio (B.Soto, 60th), Masima (Sicot, 75th), Vea, Russell (Chabrier, 58th), Boissiere (Calvet, 63rd), Glenisson, Margveliani (Touraud, 47th), Viera (cap)(Bonnefond, 65th), Serra

Yellow cards: Serra (74th) Chabrier (77th).


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