USA Limoges wants to shine a light against Saint-Denis

Two birds with one stone. By winning last week on the Bassin d’Arcachon in a replay match of the 3rd day (17-13), USAL repelled a direct competitor while taking a serious option on a homecoming play-off. reserved for teams ranked 5th and 6th in the pool. An option that the Limougeauds, sixth in Pool 1 before the 20th day, can lock this Sunday afternoon (3:30 p.m.) in Beaublanc against Saint-Denis before the application of equalization.


“A victory would allow us to secure the return play-off at Beaublanc. That’s the goal”, launches Adrien Buononato joined by Sébastien Danovaro: “We have to validate this first stage”.

On the road to the future National 2, the two technicians want to surf on the current dynamic – three victories in a row – and take advantage of the last three meetings of the preliminary phase (Saint-Denis, Rennes, in Périgueux) to better understand this crucial deadline for the club, emphasizing several points.

“In Arcachon, we make the match more difficult because we don’t score enough either by waste or by bad choices near the scoring areas, admits Adrien Buononato. There are moments of change in a match that we must control more because it is these moments that often make the difference in final phase matches or promotion matches ”.

Dimitri Calvet and USAL want to continue

The arrival of Saint-Denis should allow the Limougeaud staff to shed light on an opponent that they do not want to take lightly. “Saint-Denis may not have won a match since the start of the season but was able to raise his head and grab the defensive bonus in front of Rennes”, underlines Sébastien Danovaro. “We must approach this match with the utmost seriousness,” added Adrien Buononato.

USAL will once again have to deal with an incomplete workforce. If Glenisson and Chabrier make their comeback, Boissière (back), Kavabioko (back), Baptiste Soto (finger), Mendy (pubalgia), Lopez Bontempo (iliac crest), Pedro Soto (Lithuanian selection) are absent. “It’s always complicated but we will adapt. In any case, only the four points matter to us”, warns Sébastien Danovaro.

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USAL. Sauviat _ Estevenet, S. Russell, Cadieu, Chalopin _ (o) Marchand, (m) Lachaux _ Bures, Samisoni, L. Russell _ Ludick, Calvet _ Margveliani, Mas (cap.), Serra. Replacements: Bonnefont, Touraud, Chabrier, Glenisson, Conio, Thompson, Poprawa, Buisson.
Curtain up. Limoges Étudiants Clubs will face Trélissac at 1:30 p.m. on behalf of the Regional 1 championship of New Aquitaine.

Jean-Francois Darthoux

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