Vegan burger, fried chicken… We tested Taster, a new dark kitchen in Amiens

Already established in quite a few cities in France (but also in the world), Taster, a new concept of kitchen without room, has just arrived in Picardy.

If you are a big consumer of meal delivery platforms in Amiens, you may have noticed the arrival of new brands. pepe chicken, At Burgers or Out Fry. Here are the names of the new kids hiding behind taste, a large online restaurant group.

Digital restoration, what is it?

We asked the question to Dimitri, the one behind the opening of the new restaurants at Taster. “Since 2017, we have wanted to develop the customer experience of catering in delivery. With a real customer experience, quality and choice, we started with Mission Saigon then today we have 4 types of restaurants under the Taster brand”.

In concrete terms, Taster optimizes the cuisine of restaurants already in place in a city. “Often the kitchens are large and their potential is not used. We are therefore going to meet and train a restaurant owner in our kitchens so that he can then be independent and sell our different dishes”.

No need to look for a storefront with the name of these 3 restaurants, it does not exist. If you want to order from them, it will only be through the delivery platforms (UberEats and Deliveroo)

Let’s talk little, let’s talk about food

The first brand (and the one that has worked best since it opened in mid-February, as Dimitri told us), is the one that offers american style fried chicken, Pepe Chicken. A cuisine based on pieces of chicken in a crispy breadcrumb or a breaded chicken burger, all served with fries. Recipes designed with culinary Youtuber and influencer Faast Good Cuisine.

The second is a first in Amiens, A Burgers. A 100% vegan fast-food cuisine, include burgers with vegetable steaks, bacon, cheese or even nuggets all entirely vegan. We couldn’t resist knowing what is hidden behind this steak which visually could be confused with a real meat steak. We were told that “These are steaks made mainly of soybean sprouts, worked by our partner Les Nouveaux Fermiers, specializing in plant-based meats”.

And the last brand, Out Fry offers she also fried chicken like the first. But this time with Asian sauce. Pieces of fried chicken or burger all marinated in Korean sauce, sweet and sour. It can be served with fries or coleslaw.

Even if Taster is 4 restaurants, Amiens only has three, why? “We made this choice in relation to the consumption habits of Amiens” explains Dmitri. You will therefore have understood that fried chicken and burgers are top trends on the tables here.

The opinion of the editor

Our humble opinion (but above all personal and different from you because we all have different tastes): For Pepe chicken we ordered a burger/fries/drink menu for €15.90 (excluding delivery). Overall tastes are similar to the leading KFC. The quality of bread and chicken pieces seems to be better.


For A Burgers we also ordered a full menu for €16.90 (excluding delivery). Visually the steaks are really similar, but in taste a real meat eater will see the difference. An interesting alternative for those who have banned meat from their daily lives and who want to eat fast food with choice and without having to settle for the only vegan option on the menu.

For burgers

For the third brand, Out Fry, the quantities were much smaller (the price too). 11.90 euros (excluding delivery) for 4 Korean fried chicken strips, a spicy mayonnaise sauce and a small coleslaw. Even if the products are good, it is a little light in quantity.

out fry

Taster wants to become the McDo of delivery, its objective is simple: whether you are in Amiens or elsewhere, the recipes will taste the same to be “a safe bet”.


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