Vive takes LBE (Location Based Entertainment) to the next level

Location Based Entertainment (LBE) is a growing attraction in arcades around the world. It uses the power and versatility of VR to create unique immersive experiences for consumers.

It makes perfect sense: instead of devoting a lot of space to more traditional games like Laser Tag, which have a fixed physical layout and style, LBEs are constantly evolving, adapting and able to accommodate multiple players and games in one place. In fact, physical space can be reset in minutes, so players can go from a jungle to a starship in a snap!

HTC Vive’s advanced work in hardware and software means that blending the real world with the virtual universe is effortless. Vive’s new Wrist Tracker for the Vive Focus 3 adds a new dimension for hand tracking or placing on accessories for use in games, whether it’s a tennis racket , shield, weapon, and more.

With arUco codes it is also easy to integrate physical objects such as obstacles and walls into the game – the helmet camera sees the code on the object and imports the graphic textures. So players can physically lean on an object that looks like an empty wall in real life, but in VR is part of the bulkhead of a spaceship; simply stunning and exhilarating!

The Vive Focus 3 is perfect for LBEs, delivering an incredible experience that just keeps getting better with software updates and new feature development. The Vive Focus 3 supports Wi-Fi 6E, perfect for fast-paced action where low latency is needed. A dedicated LBE mode offers great flexibility at the push of a button, allowing multiple players to play in a playing space of up to 1,000m2 – the size of four tennis courts! The playing space doesn’t even have to be a perfect square or rectangle, since our software allows creating complicated pieces like polygons and even L-shaped spaces.

Map sharing between headsets, Visual Optometry and Hybrid LBE modes mean businesses can effortlessly create a unique experience and have minimal turnaround time between games. Even the Vive Focus 3’s battery is designed to be replaced in seconds, so LBE arcades keep the headsets in near-constant use, with a 5K screen and 90Hz refresh rate, so people can enjoy stunning visuals even amid non-stop action; simply breathtaking!

At Mobile World Congress, we had a lot of fun with our friends at Europa Park and their Yullbe Go / MackNext products, showcasing three different experiences:

  • Alpha Mods: In the futuristic city of Ultraville, on a planet far from Earth, guests are part of a special police unit equipped with state-of-the-art cars. Chase the criminals in a mad dash with the Alpha Mods on the central highway of Ultraville. Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to really take your breath away!
  • Ed & Edda: put on your VR headset and set off on a magical adventure in the heart of Europa-Park where Ed and Edda need you! The crow has stolen a precious magic scepter and is using its power to sow chaos. Passing through enchanted portals and riding on flying parasols, you set off after him. But be careful, if you make too much noise, you risk waking up the dragon sleeping in a cave deep in the park… Will you be able to stop the evil crow and save Europa-Park? This challenge is calling you!
  • Moon To Mars: In the beginning, you are in a space station and can enjoy an amazing view of our Earth – thanks to the latest VR technology, this is no longer reserved for real astronauts! Therefore, your experienceMoon To Marsbegins in earnest and you suddenly find yourself on the Red Planet. Explore the secrets and beauty of the planet Mars! Are you ready for your first journey into space?

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