Weasyn My Kitchen, a Lille app to stop wasting what’s in the fridge

Weasyn My Kitchen is a 100% made in Lille anti-waste application to help with inventory management. (©WeasynMyKitchen)

It’s here Lille Oanh Tran Thien who developed Weasyn My Kitchen app at Euratechnologies. A anti-waste appwhich lets you know in real time what you have in the fridge and the kitchen cupboards.

Recipes based on what’s left in the fridge

In a few clicks, the application records your products and their expiry datesthen offers you recipes adapted to stocks for avoid waste eating.

If inventory management is the main functionality of the app, the developer wanted to make everyday life even easier users, adding a shopping list feature which automatically categorizes ingredients.

An application that aims to be eco-friendly, but also close to the family daily life or student lifestyle.

A simple app

“Weasyn my kitchen” is a mix of “within” and “easy”. The app is intuitive and simple of use: the developers wanted to make everyday life easier for users.

On the main menu, several icons: products in stock, expired products, homemade dishes and shopping list. Alerts remind you, for example, which product is approaching its expiry date, and offers you recipes developed and adapted to what has been entered in the database.

And since it’s an anti-waste app, there’s a feature that lets you see how much (by weight) has been thrown away. Oanh Tran Thien has already planned to optimize this feature, and is working on optimizing the statistics function, which will soon show how much money has been wasted.

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Lighten the mental load of consumers

Oanh Tran Thien developed Weasyn My Kitchen when she realized she was consuming too much. This mom and shopaholic had a click one morning when her son, who no longer fit in his new pants, said to her: “Mom, jeans alert! »

The entrepreneur then realized that she was buying a lot, sometimes twice, and that she even forgot what she already had. So she started designing an anti-waste application, saying to herself “I’m going to help people like me, who don’t know how to consume less. »

Following interviews with ordinary consumers, she defined the kitchen as a battlefield. “My goal was to lighten the mental load by facilitating the daily effort of families and students,” says Oanh. The Ademe (Ecological Transition Agency) estimates that, per year, we would waste between 100 and 150 euros, throwing away products that have not been consumed because they are poorly managed.

An app that continues to develop

With more than 250 recipes already listed on the application, the entrepreneur wants to continue the development of Weasyn My Kitchen. In the coming weeks, users will now be able to enter their own recipes into the database.

After registering Weasyn’s name on his company, Oanh Tran Thien intends to continue its development, and already has a few projects in mind.

But for the moment, the developer is working to make the Weasyn My Kitchen application ever more functional, and thinks every day about new ways to improve the platform, to adapt it to users’ daily lives.

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