When Explicit Poetry seduces Twitter

Even better, indeed, since Twitter is now a kind of AFP in itself, distilling trends and other hot topics to the media. And it is an understatement to say that the recent poetic upheavals have inspired these half-anonymous, half-influencers who make up the French web. Montages of all kinds, infinitely retweeted jokes, etc… To our delight, many memes have been created, from “Thug Rimbaud” above to the one below, representing the difference between the older generation of poets and the one who, with the desire to fight it out, is exploding:

Also very funny, this image of the young hero of the film The Sixth Sense whose famous line ” I see dead people was diverted to better express the general surprise that was the sudden reappearance of (living!) poets in the media field:

Obviously this integration of poetry into pop culture, or internet culture, is not to everyone’s taste. The poets hitherto considered major denounce a “ extension of the poetic thing, to which the new poets in question respond by the terms of democratization ” Where ” popularization », much more noble. To anchor contemporary poetry in the general culture, wasn’t this the goal sought by these same poets when a few weeks ago the very same ones who complained of not being considered enough by the mainstream media? ” Yes, but not like this we can hear, as if there were other ways. As if this culture of the net, which they don’t know, was inferior or didn’t deserve our interest. The sprinklers sprinkled therefore, reacting exactly as they reproach the rest of the world for reacting against them. Fate is merciless.

But the new popularity of this new poetry is not the only complaint that we hear from the side of the ancestors (some of whom, moreover, are unfortunately much younger than we would imagine). It’s also the poetry in question that gets in the way, as if successful poetry could only be bad. Applied to other arts, music for example, here is a form of thought which should not delight the poor corpse of a certain David Bowie. Well let’s move on…

So what are we talking about? Patrick Balkany, for example, is indicted for the umpteenth time. This short poem then turns a lot on Twitter: “ B2O like a duke / In Balka for valet / Levallois I don’t give a damn / Even the bourgeois have their Zup. » Rap (not to be confused with slam, false friend of rap, and highly appreciated by “official” poets) has obviously been there. Who can deny it? Certainly not the new poets who certainly remain in writing but cannot ignore that it is hip-hop and it alone that has enriched French writing for 20 years. And the class contempt of the so-called important poets is no more than a bad memory, the time has come for repentance, for inheritance, for renewal.

The hour is the revised news, the culture of the day. To better keep it, celebrate it, understand it. The time, finally and above all, is for the explicit.

Explicit in the sense of clarity, accessibility of the poem, for everyone. But also in the sense of Explicit Content “, as we can read on the covers of US albums when the songs are considered vulgar by who knows what organization of decorum. It’s time for stomach, guts, truth, vice.

And to those who don’t like this program, the twittos have already responded via this Baudelaire gif: Deal with it !

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