With Green Kitchen in Caen, meal delivery weighs less on the climate

The Toutenvelo cooperative ensures the delivery of meals ordered at the bottom of the Dôme in Caen every Friday, and on the EffiScience campus in Colombelles the day before. ©CJ / Liberty Caen

Finish theuberization of lunch. Since November 18, 2021, all those who come to work at the Dôme in Caen (Calvados) on Fridays can have their lunch delivered by bike, labeled local and responsible.

For them, there is no longer any question, that day, of going through Deliveroo, Uber Eats or any other delivery platform at home, with couriers circulating as much, if not more, by scooter than by bicycle, and whose self-employed status is hijacked. Once a week, the occupants of the third place of Caen, a stronghold of scientific and technical culture near the port, can resort to Green Kitchen.

Virtuous delivery

Under this name hides a collective of six Caen restaurants and caterers – Le Quatorze, Greedy Guts, Cuisine ton sport, Little Deli, Triple V and Eat on Stage (L’Accolade) – who say they are “ready to share the same menu to defend “sustainable and reasoned food”. The goal ? take on what they call “speed food” and divert consumers from “effortless, no-commitment shopping”.

The initiative has just gained ground. Every Thursday, since February 24, 2022, employees of companies on the EffiScience campus in Colombelles can in turn use the Green Kitchen service, on .

Concretely, how does this happen ? The collective has set up a virtuous delivery channel, with specialized players in Caen:

  • the collective La Maison, promoter on the Presqu’île of the relocation of agriculture and the reuse of green waste, which takes charge of the management of orders;
  • the small Barnabé company, which provides the returnable glass dishes in which the complete menus are served;
  • the Toutenvélo cooperative (Scop), which collects meals in partner restaurants, and ensures delivery to the Dôme and on the Colombelles plateau at the strength of the hock.

“Carbon debt”

Green Kitchen users can order their meals “24 to 48 hours in advance” on an online store. And Toutenvélo brings it to them in a specific niche. On Fridays, at the bottom of the Dôme, it is between 11:45 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.

Most often, customers cross paths with Vincent Fatout, colossal delivery man and all smiles at Toutenvélo, “partner for 6 months” in the “cyclo-logistics” Scop. For him, Green Kitchen is a stopover on his 30 to 40 km tour that day. And his participation in Toutenvélo, “a second life”. At the age of 50, “after 30 years spent in planes”, the former purser left Air France. He joined Toutenvélo “after the first confinement”:

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I have a carbon debt of 16,000 flight hours. I’m going to have to pedal a lot to pay it back.

The interest for him of Green Kitchen is already “to remove at least one van from the road”.

For Erick Declerq, the founder of Toutenvélo in Caen, it is to “offer an alternative to uberisation, which encompasses everything”. But thus “changing the mode of consumption is not easy”: “We are still testing the logistics model. We don’t necessarily make a living out of it. »

In 12 years, the Toutenvélo cooperative has changed gears

Since its beginnings “in a garage in Mondeville 12 years ago”, the Toutenvélo transport cooperative has grown considerably. Now housed on the Caen peninsula (Calvados), in the Norlanda incubator, it has 10 employees. From mail collection in businesses to removals, “from backpacks to loads of 300 kg” according to its founder Érik Declercq, they cover a full range of bicycle deliveries and errands. In the city center, they can take over, “over the last mile”, DHL or Chronopost shipments, as well as supermarket shopping or certain organic stores at home. “Personal services” that Toutenvélo would like to develop further.

A running-in model

The start of Green Kitchen “is progressive”. According to him, “it allows you to prowl, the time that everyone synchronizes”. Toutenvélo also hesitated before diving into it. Erick Declerq tells it:

A lot of restaurants contacted us during the lockdown. They were looking for solutions to deliver meals. We didn’t respond right away. They asked us to do like Deliveroo, for less.

He did not “want to take advantage of the health crisis, to make a hitch solution”. Already in contact with Caen restaurateurs “for the collection of bio-waste”, he initiated the project, and “proposed places where there is not much catering offer”. At the very beginning, the Normandy Region was “the same applicant”. After 4 months, Toutenvélo “perseveres so that the model is recognized”.

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